Wednesday, March 22, 2023

There is Now A Fashion designer Who creates Clothes For Only ‘Dogs’

Just when you thought you that dogs could only be mans best friend and that they are okay without or without any clothing, Saneliso Mpofu was definitely not on the same page as you. The Fashion designer has ventured into winter wear for dogs and also produced army hats fro canines. This happened after she got a lot of exposure from the South African fashion scene and it definitely pushed her into thinking outside the box.

fashion designer for dogs

In an interview with News Day, Sannah said “During my stay in Cape Town, I learnt that the sky is not the limit. I acquired new practical skills to use in leading my company. I learnt that this must not limit my creativity and we should be proud of our culture in terms of dress code. I saw that success belongs to any hard working persons whether you are white or black,” According to Sannah “The fashion shows and workshops were really amazing. I met fashion mentors who provided tips on how to be a successful entrepreneur, how to raise capital, how to identify potential partners, personal and professional bonding,”,

Her story is rare, a lot of times designers have no idea on how to distinguish their brand from other existing ones, because often times everyone is trying to do the same thing, this is not the case with Sannah as she has found her niche market in providing clothes for dogs.




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