Friday, March 31, 2023

These Five Things Will Be Part Of Meghan Markle’s New Routine

There has been more than three thousand tweets on Meghan Markle for the last couple of days, she needs no introduction, she is our Monday Mantra Muse of the day. Asides from getting married to Prince Harry, she is now being considered Royalty hence a few changes would be made to the normal routine she is accustomed to.

Firstly, She will receive a royal title which she already has, like prince William and Kate Middleton a.k.a The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan and Harry will now be refereed to as The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

duke and duchess of sussex

Who would have believed that her days of signing autographs are over: Meghan is definitely used to signing autographs and taking selfies as an actress unfortunately she can no longer do that. To prevent forgery, it’s against protocol for a royal to sign anything other than an official document, as a guideline, the royal family also avoids taking selfies with admirers.


She’s definitely not coming back to social media, Meghan has deleted all her social media accounts back in January, a palace source told PEOPLE magazine that she has not used her accounts for some time she has taken the decision to close them, however it’s an unspoken rule that the royal family is not on social media with the exception of the official palace accounts, so her days of travel pics and OOTD’s are truly over.

 meghan markle social media posts before she deleted them

There is also a strict meet and great etiquette, being a royal means meeting lots and lots of people  and off course there is a proper way to do that. When shaking hands, Meghan must make direct eye contact, give firm handshakes(avoiding more than two pumps) and a smile. She will also be advised to hold a clutch at events, in order to keep perfect posture

PDA will be strictly monitored, there is also an unspoken rule that public show of affection is barely done, Kate and William barely do this in public but Meghan and harry seems to be breaking this norm as they indulge in PDA a lot.

 pda in public

Christmas will now be spent with the queen, and this would include opening up gifts on Christmas Eve rather than the day itself. We truly wish Meghan great life and a wonderful one.


Source: PEOPLES Magazine

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