Monday, May 29, 2023

This Is The Only Way You Should Dress For Fashion Week

This is the only time you are actually allowed to come all out with the craziness and no one would judge you(that’s not entirely true). You could literally put on a pajamas and blazers with crocs and pull it off but please do not try that on a normal day. you might be mistaken for the street clown. For all the times you stayed up planning outfits just to look different and actually acknowledged on fashion street style blogs, only to get there and find out that you actually look like every other person. These are top five things to do and wear so that you could look different and be the spotlight of the day at fashion week.

 Stay away from trends

Kitten heels, futuristic sunglasses, off the shoulder tops, platform sneakers, fanny packs, are hot at the moment, Stay away from them and if you must attempt any of these trends, be very creative with it.

Be yourself

On a normal day, you wont be caught dead in a pair of ripped denim with high stilettos, but because you think its fashion week, and you need to impress you end up looking like someone else. Be confident in your style and just in case you can not style yourself or you are clueless as to what to put on, CLICK HERE

Make sense of your outfit

The fact that every one has a fanny over their shoulders doesn’t mean it would look cool on you. In a bid to impress you bombard your self with items that have no essence or add to your personality. If you are not happy or comfortable with what you have on, please take out one.


Do not over work your self

If you try too hard, it’s very obvious, less is always more and remember that style is more than what you wear.



The goal is to actually look good, so make sure that works, your accessories should be in check, makeup nicely done, hair beautifully laid, outfit speaking volume. Let people see you and know who you are what you stand for without even having a conversation. For more style inspiration Click Here


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