Wednesday, September 27, 2023

This Is Why We Think Andrea Iyama Swim Wear Is The Perfect Choice For The Weekend

It’s the Weekend and it’s time to get your freak on, if you know what we mean.   A trip to the beach would be a great idea, an unplanned weekend gate away is never a bad idea.

While you are thinking about all the fun you could have this weekend, we think you should also do that stylishly. Andrea Iyama is the go to brand for all your classic, chic, up to date swim wear pieces. From one piece swimwear to beautifully patterned cut out bikini and so much more.

Hand painted fabrics, great color, movement, fluidity and a recurring hint of structure are common elements of Andrea Iyama pieces, all pieces were designed to imitate an element of our environment with colors ranging from warm to cool, inspiration ranging from dry to wet seasons and lines illustrating the direction of mountain horizons and moving oceans. These features and shapes are carefully placed to flatter the female form.

We are certain for a fact that this weekend could be ‘litty lit‘ if you just had an Andrea Iyama Swimsuit as your must have swimwear. All items can be purchased on Andrea Iyama Website

By: Utibe Ayi

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