Tuesday, October 3, 2023

This Is Why You Should Own The Moroccanoil Molding Creme.

 So, as you might’ve gathered, we have a lust-list, and topping it this week is a product that guarantees silky-smooth, touchable hair with loads of texture that stays in place all day – regardless of the length or style you’re rocking. Yes, our Friday Find (and a firm favorite among-st Team SPICE) is Moroccanoil’s Molding cream ($28) – try it and you’ll promptly add it to your list, too.

This product leaves hair with a natural-feeling texture that is guaranteed to get you compliments. With it’s souffle like formula, it is absorbed into the hair and dries to a natural sheen, and it also has an argan oil blend which is to blame for the softness you’ll feel from your hair after application.


To use it, simply take a little of Moroccanoil’s Molding cream, warm it in your hands by rubbing palms together and apply to damp or dry hair – then just comb it through from roots to tips with your fingers for an ‘I woke up like this’ look. Avoid the roots and concentrate on the edges if you want really separated locks, though.


And don’t worry, you can flip your hair all you like after it’s in, as this product holds tresses gently in place, so you can do all the ‘hair flirting’ you like with no fear of it being lost in the wind.

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