Monday, June 5, 2023

#ThrowBackThursday| 8th Wanda Zulu Inspired Collection At LFDW

There are 7 wonders of the earth and she’s the eight.  8th Wanda is a South African based women’s wear brand that translates the inspiration behind its brands name into all its pieces. Looking back at all the outfits showcased at Lagos Fashion and Design Week we can say for a fact that 8th Wanda is an epitome of its name.

 8th wander clothing line

According to the brands creative director, Nokwanda Wandah Ngcobo, her collection was inspired from a Zulu water princess, because it’s how she imagined every hard working woman, the creative director who hails from Zulu has also seen a lot of single mothers, women, even her mum and her friends mum struggling but still keeping up with looking beautiful, taking care of children and doing everything they want to do but not restricted by everything else that is meant to restrict them. 8th wanda clothing line

In a podcast interview with the creative director for the brand, right before hitting the runway for Lagos Fashion and Design Week,  she opened up to us about her choice of fabric, she wanted the fabric to fit with the Nigerian climate and while also usea fabric  that moves nicely, hard but not restricting the flow of the silhouette.

8th wanda clothing line

That is exactly what hit us from the runway, long flowing white spaghetti strap shift dresses, showing the graceful and peaceful nature of the Zulu woman.  Some of the models were adorned in black mini length dresses with cut out sleeves portraying a bit if sexiness and fun. The gorgeous finely cut maxi dresses added a lot of feminine feel to the entire collection, so did the belted kimonos add a chic vibe to the the pants featured in the collection.

8th wanda clothing line

All the ensembles showcased by 8th Wanda interpreted the exact type of women the creative Director envisioned in her pieces, “. I envision a hot beautiful well traveled and mannered woman but also have a very exciting woman in my pieces, she can be a mother who meets up with her girlfriends every now and then but also travels the world”

8th wanda clothing line

Although this was not the brands first major fashion showcase, the creative director was  more than excited to be showcasing here in Nigeria as she terms it her second home. Take a look at some of the pieces that we fell in love with.

8th wanda clothing line 8th wanda creative director  8th wander clothing line  8th wander clothing line  8th wander clothing line



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