Tuesday, October 3, 2023

#ThrowbackThursday: Jewel by Lisa’s 2015 Autumn Winter Collection

Well, if you are familiar with luxury, rare, and wearable fashion pieces then Jewel by Lisa should not be new to you. But for the prospective converts, welcome as we dive into a bit of history about Lisa Folawiyo and her ‘Jewel by Lisa’ brand.
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Watch Lisa Folawiyo speak on her brand and fashion industry in this throwback clip on SPICE.

Season by Season new collections are released by clothing brands, sometimes a hot anticipation from fashion critiques, fashion buyers, photographers, magazines and fashion lovers in general. After every season some collections seem to fade into the past, to be blunt. But there are collections that still find a way to push themselves into the future and surpass our expectations. One of such collections is Lisa Folawiyo Authum/Winter 2015 Collection.

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The sophisticated detailing and aesthetic hemlines made to look like maple and oak tree leaf cuts, attached to some of the pieces were done so well.  Lisa is always known for striking symbols that depicts class and sophistication .
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This collection got all the attention it deserved, from the red carpet to weddings, if you wanted to slay and stand out then a piece in this collection was definitely the to go item to purchase.
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Lisa Folawiyo has made our list of Stylish African Designers quite a number of times.

That is our ThrowBack Thursday Feature. What are your thoughts on Lisa’s craft? What are your thoughts on Jewel by Lisa designs in recent times?

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