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ThrowBackThursday|Morafa Debuts “Grandiosity” Collection

Collections are born out the creative directors instinct to create something great. When you think of Morafa, the first words that come to mind are clothes geared to a persons needs for the ultimate comfort every one deserves. If you thought for a moment that only ladies were allowed to look dap and dress to the nines then you thought wrong. Nigerian Indigenous contemporary unisex wear brand ‘Morafa’ debuts its capsule collection “ Grandiosity” for Spring/Summer 2018. The handsomely handcrafted generously cut suits were tailored to fit a man/woman who wants to look sharp, sophisticated and dynamic. Morafa has shown creativity in this collection, the best is the choice of fabrics used for the collection. We had an opportunity to Interview the creative directors fro the brand, see full interview below.
Who is the brain child behind ‘Morafa brand?
– Seun and Ayo Morafa
Tell us a bit about the ‘Morafa’ Brand
– MORAFA is a unisex brand that deals with the production of the best Bespoke tailored wears with a perfect finishing of the finest and most exclusive fabrics.
What is the name of this collection?
  Morafa Debuts "Grandiosity" Collection
What is the inspiration behind this collection?
– Grandiosity refers to an unrealistic sense of superiority, a sustained view of one’s self as better than others that causes the narcissist to view others with disdain or as inferior as well as to a sense of uniqueness. The belief that few others have anything in common with oneself and that one can only be understood by a few or very special people.
The first time i encountered it was years ago when a close friend of mine started having grandiose illusions, he felt like royalty, always “picturing” himself as a king. At first I didn’t understand until I realized it was  a mental problem, although tragic, I drew inspiration from his big imaginations.
Grandiosity can mean superiority, royalty, elegance.
How did the name of the collection inspire your choice of fabrics?
– We wanted fabrics that weren’t common, look attractive and speak luxury. Grandiosity entails looking at oneself as royalty and not a regular person.
 Morafa Debuts "Grandiosity" Collection
What is your target market for this collection?
– Individuals who want to look confident, stylish and look like royalty, be it a student or a business personnel.
Why should people shop this collection?
– We want anyone who ever wears any of these designs to be able to see themselves as someone of importance,value and self worth.
24125478_1Morafa Debuts "Grandiosity" Collection
Who is the typical ‘Morafa’ client?
– Business associates, students who love to dress smart, men and women who love dressing sharp and smooth.
What inspires you on a daily basis to pursue your goals?
– To be able to expand the brand, make it a household name and also customer satisfaction.
If you were to have another life, would you still choose fashion as a career path?
– Yes, Definitely.
23969824_19573460478Morafa Debuts "Grandiosity" Collection
What principles do you live by?
Honesty and Dedication.
What is the typical brand signature of’ ‘Morafa’  Brand
– Exquisite tailored suits.
What is your opinion on brand signature?
– It’s extremely key in this industry, you must be known for something…BURBERRY is known for their “Trench Coats”, FENDI for their “FUR”, CHANNEL for their “Skirt Suits”, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN is known for his “Theatrical Pieces”. Having a brand signature is major because you can be spotted a mile away.
look book collection
Where do you envision the ‘Morafa’ brand in the new future?
– Up there with the best around the world and being the no 1 brand people come to for their style needs to be met.
What is your take on the evolving African fashion Industry?
– It’s evolving pretty fast…now we seem to be inspiring foreign brands. All that’s left is for the African consumers to stick with African brands.
Inspirational words from you.
– In whatever, put God first and every other thing will be perfected.

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