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Tife Presents Her ‘Imo’ Collection

There’s no such thing as too much, there’s no rule to creativity and can we say that Tife over killed this collection. Remember when we said that emerging designers are about to give the old bees a run for their money? Tife is part of them, this collection looks so great we wonder what her mood board looked like.

Everything was properly executed in this collection, and can we add that the choice of teal green brought a whole new vibe to the white tee. We would describe this collection as the perfect capsule collection because of the versatility of the pieces in this collection. It is filled with colors that can be styled to work or worn casually, the peach blazer dress paired with the red lace up sandals could be worn to work and paired with a palazo pants for the finishing effect. We had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with the creative director of the brand, Miss Bolutife Ajayi. See Interview and full look book below.


  Who is the brainchild behind TIFÉbrand?

The brainchild behind the TIFÉ brand is Miss Bolutife Ajayi.

Tell us a bit about the TIFÉ Brand

TIFÉ is a contemporary ready-to-wear fashion brand based in Lagos, Nigeria. The brand officially launched its debut collection “Omodunni” in December 2016. TIFÉ was born out of passion and the need for simple yet interesting, transitional and versatile statement pieces that can be easily incorporated into the everyday wardrobe. The label fuses high fashion sensibilities and minimal styling to create an effortless wardrobe perfect for the upwardly mobile young entrepreneur and the global modern woman. The name TIFÉ is coined from an African heritage meaning ‘with love’, emphasizing that all garments are intricately crafted ‘with love’ and much thought.

What is the name of this collection?

This collection is titled ‘IMO’ pronounced ‘EMOH’ meaning knowledge,and in this context Self-awareness.

spring summer 18 collection

What is the inspiration behind this collection?

It was inspired by the desire to promote self-awareness and confidence in today’s woman. Self-awareness is a tremendously important phrase rarely talked about in our culture. It is the capacity for introspection. A conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives and desires separate from others, separate from the environment. It is okay to be inspired by things and people around us but we sometimes forget; we take our eyes off our fundamental truth and get fixated on everything else but ourselves. It is about finding beauty, solace and balance in one’s self. This collection describes the modern woman who rules her world with understanding, knowledge, grace and, purpose whilst being fun and elegant at it.

What is your target market for this collection?

 Our general target is the upwardly mobile young entrepreneur and the modern global woman who is trying to strike the work – life balance effortlessly and elegantly.

Why should people shop this collection?

Why not? Lol.

The important thing for us when designing is to create pieces that are versatile and transitional. Pieces that are effortless, elegant and suitable for all functions; you can wear any of these outfits from work to an event, then to drinks with friends and fit in appropriately wearing TIFÉ(with or without accessories but definitely statement shoes).

spring summer 18 collection

Who is the typical TIFÉ client?

The typical TIFÉ client is a purposeful woman with a simple and interesting approach to fashion and life in general.

What inspires you on a daily basis to pursue your goals?

I would say the bigger picture – the dream/vision I have for the TIFÉ brand is huge and I can’t wait to see it all unfold at the right time.

If you were to have another life, would you still choose fashion as a
career path?

 If I had another life I definitely would still choose fashion and maybe spice it up with a law degree.

spring summer 18 collection

What principles do you live by?

Simplicity, individuality and to a great extent spirituality (my relationship with God). I believe our purpose and its specific expressions are personal so I tend to focus on myself and do things at my pace. I am generally entertained but not moved by theatrics. Self-awareness and excellence is also very important.

What is the typical brand signature of the TIFÉ brand?

Effortless Elegance, Modesty and Versatility is the DNA of TIFÉ.

What is your opinion on brand signature?

To project ones uniqueness and imprint that correctly in the mind of the target market with a symbol, colour, pin or thread is powerful and I believe it is the best thing you can do for your brand.

spring summer 18 collection

What is your take on the evolving African fashion Industry?

The African Fashion Industry is growing at an impressive and remarkable pace. I mean you can see the growing interest; it is amazing to see African fashion being recognized and appreciated on a global scale. There is a plethora of monumental stories in Africa that needs to be expressed. I believe we are yet to scratch the surface but there is the movement now; the future holds much prospect and the potentials are limitless.

Inspirational words from you.

Be true to yourself and always put God first.

  TIFÉ | @officialtife
Photography: Kola Oshalusi | @kolaoshalusi
Model: Precious John | @precious_john
Makeup: Cass | @Casskoncept
Shoes: Nell and Bell | @nellandbell
Styling and Creative Direction: Toyosi Clay | @toyo_c, Bolutife Ajayi
Assistant Stylist: Ben Ayemere

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