Monday, October 2, 2023

Tip Of The Week: Gorgeous Galaxy Nail Art

Looking to impress your friends with some fancy nail art ? Well look no further than the galaxy manicure – a sure way to take your beauty look from ordinary to out of this world.

Using a few simple tools you can totally transform you nails with style you can rock on a night out, to a house party or just to usher in the weekend. Follow our steps below to get started;



1. Start by painting a clear base coat onto your nails.

2. Paint a dark blue polish onto your nails and layer loose purple glitter over the top.

3. Use a small sponge (this can be an old make up sponge you’ve cut into small pieces) to splodge white polish over your nails, focusing on one area and lightly blending out. The white will act as your focal point, but when you’re sponging on the polish, think ‘less is more.’

4. Sponge on a light green polish around the white to give it more depth and don’t be afraid to experiment with creating different shapes. If you hate it, you can sponge over it with a darker colour.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4, using a purple and light blue polish.

6. Sponge on some black polish into the corners of your nails to build further depth that gives the impression of an endless, deep space. Once dry, use a small brush to add one or two white stars to your nails.

7. Finish of your manicure with a layer of clear polish that contains small flecks of glitter.

And there you have – galactic nails your friends will be impressed with. Share your attempts with us on Twitter or instagram via @SPICETVAFRICA

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