Saturday, June 10, 2023

Tip Of The Week: Half Moon Manicure

Half moon manicures are all the rage right now, being spotted on the catwalks and on the fingers of a number of celebrities, from Beyonce and Ciara to Lady Gaga.

This glamorous nail art style can be worn with a glitzy evening dress to posh events or day to day, spicing up your casual outfits.


Here’s how to get the look at home:

1. Polish nails with two coats of a bright or dark polish.

2. Dip a fine-tipped paint brush or pointy eyeliner brush into a metallic polish and create an outline of a half-mooned arc, about a quarter of the way up the nail.

3. Fill in the arc using the same metallic polish using its regular brush from the bottle. Apply two thin coats, then apply a layer of  clear topcoat to each nail.

4. Clean up any smudges with the fine tipped brush by dipping it into nail polish remover and wiping it across stains until they disappear.

And that’s it – easy peasy!


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