Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Tip Of The Week: Polka Dot Manicure

The polka dot manicure is the style perfect for the nail art beginner, or for anyone wanting to vamp up their nails in a simple yet sophisticated way.

Subtle and striking, and best of all, easy to achieve, this nail art style can be rocked with anything and anywhere. Here’s how to get the look at home…


1.  Apply a base coat to each nail and let it dry fully before moving onto the next step. To apply it, start in the middle base of your nail and swipe upwards, then once more on each side. Note: polish should not be pooling up – it should be thin enough to cover the nail without excess. To remove any accidental excess on the edges on the skin or on the side of your nails, it’ll be much easier to do while it’s still wet.

2. Apply two coats of coloured polish, making sure you let them dry completely in between each coat.

3. This is the step that turns your boring polish into daring nail art. There are a few ways you can achieve the polka dots, but the easiest way is by using a tooth pick.

First, using a little piece of saran wrap, pour out a tiny bit of another shade of polish.

Take your toothpick and press the tip down into a table or hard surface to flatten it. Note: this is the most important step because if you don’t flatten the tip properly, the sharp tip will dent your polish and the dots will be too tiny.

Next, dot the toothpick into the polish and gently tap it onto the nail. Be creative in your application and apply as many or as few dots as you’d like, even going off the rim of your nail to make half of a dot.

4. A top coat is always a good idea when you paint your nails, but essential when doing nail art. In this case, it’s essential to add a clear top coat as it will be very easy for the dots to chip off, since they are resting on top of your base colour of polish.

Once dry, that’s it – you’re free to show them off! Send us your polka dot nail art attempts using the hashtags #SPICETV #TipOfTheWeek

Images source: Theprettyvain.blogspot.com, Yesmissy.wordpress.com


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