Sunday, October 1, 2023

Tip of the Week: Spring-Ready Rose Nail Art

Since we’re celebrating all things Spring and Easter here at SPICE, what mani would be more fitting to flaunt, than the DIY rose manicure?

Painting delicate flowers on your nails is one way to bring out the inner romantic in you and get you into the mood of the season – plus, it’s chic, easy and totally attention grabbing.

To have your nails blossoming into mini show-stoppers this springtime, simply follow our tips, below;



1. First, paint your nails with a solid colour. We’d recommend you go with something long-lasting, in a light, powdery or pale shade.

2. Next, take a red nail art pen and create circles on your nails. These needn’t be perfect circles and can be messy, but will form the base of your pretty painted roses.

3. After waiting for your circles to dry, take a pink nail art pen and create series of lines and dots on top of the red, to give the roses a three dimensional pop. Repeat the process with a darker red or brown and note how in the picture (above), these are randomly placed, to give a textured, petalled look.

4. Then take a green nail art pen and draw two to three thick lines coming out of the roses to form the leaves. If you’ve a really steady hand, draw a light green or white line down the middle of these, as found on real leaves.

5. Lastly, protect your gorgeous design with a long lasting top coat and you’re ready to show off your beautiful, impressive floral nail art.

And there you have it – a hand full of hand painted rose buds!

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