Monday, June 5, 2023

Tip Of The Week: Star-Stamped Nails

Stamping stars on your nails is one quick, easy and impressive way to update your mani, and with summer just around the corner, it’s a perfect place to start preparing your look for festivals, parties and outdoorsy fun.

Simply follow our easy step-by-step below and you’ll have the look nailed in no time…



1. First, file and buff your nails to make them smooth and absorbent – this will help them soak up the base coat, which has nail-strengthening  (and manicure-lasting) properties.

2. Push your cuticles gently down and towards the base of the nail. This helps give your nails a longer, well-groomed appearance and helps prevent nail polish from going out of the nail’s natural lines.

3. Next, paint a thin layer of the base coat onto your nails and let it set until it is completely dry. Then, brush a coloured nail polish onto your nails using long, even strokes. Coat the nail evenly from nail bed to tip and wait for the layer to dry before proceeding.

4. Use a nail pen to create your star outlines, by clicking the paint dispensing mechanism three or four times before drawing them on. You do not need a lot of polish on the pen for this, so stop clicking whenever you see paint at the tip of the pen.

5. After drawing a star outline on each of your nails, carefully colour them in with another colour of your choice and leave them to dry.

6. Lastly, paint a clear top coat (or a clear coat with sparkly bits in) onto your nails once the stars have finished drying. This keeps the nail polish from chipping and helps your design last longer.

And there you go; super-duper star nails to show off this summer!

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