Monday, October 2, 2023

Tip of the Week: The Outline Manicure

If you’re a nail art-lover working in a corporate environment, or just someone who prefers your manicure simple with a twist, then you need to try out the outline manicure.

Like a little black dress or the perfect pair of patent, nude stiletto’s you just can’t go wrong with this one. So let’s begin;


You’ll need:

–   Scotch tape
–   Two nail polishes – a darker colour and a lighter colour
–   A top coat


  1. First, start by painting two coats of the darker color over each nail, letting the polish dry completely.
  2. Next, take 3 small pieces of scotch tape and place around each side of the fingernail, using the tape to cover anywhere from 1-3 millimeters of nail, past the cuticle. It is especially important that the base colour is dry for this step so that the tape does not remove any polish.
  3. Repeat this taping process on each nail, covering your preferred amount of outline with the tape.
  4. Next, paint your accent colour (the lightest polish) on the exposed area of the nail, letting it dry completely.
  5. Once the polish is set, carefully remove the tape, so as not to disturb the edges. Follow up with a strong topcoat and you’re good to go.

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