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Tips On How To Revamp Your Sex Life

You know your sex life has gone downhill when you are no longer excited about getting with your partner. You no longer put in the effort or find yourself or your partner attractive, the thought of sex just reminds you every other chore you have to do grudgingly.
Sadly these traits are more common among couples who have been together for a long time. The problem begins when partners become too comfortable with each other, when they no longer feel the need to impress and explore sexually and emotionally. Which is why you find partners who used to have an amazing sex life become boring and they just wonder where it all went downhill.
You know what they say about crying over spilled milk… don’t! We will be sharing some tips on how to revamp your sex life with your partner and help you rekindle your dwindling spark.
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1. Communication is key
If you are worried about your boring sex life with your partner then talk to them about it. One of the reasons you are here in the first place is because you both got comfortable. So use it to your advantage and lay it all out, make suggestions and discuss on how to make it better. Working together with your partner to correct a loop in your relationship is always going to be better than doing it all by yourself and hoping that they catch up.
2. Be comfortable with yourself
Some people begin to loose their confidence especially when they begin to experience physical changes in their body. They become more self conscious and are no longer willing to explore. Love and accept yourself, while you embark on a healthy journey to become a better version of who you are.
3. Be open to try new things
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We agree that sexual exploration comes with a bit of skepticism especially with reserved people. So why not take baby steps like turning chores into foreplay, have sex outside the falls of your room, throw away your sex schedule (we wonder why you have one in the first place), dress sexy, try out a new position, add a slight twist to what turns your partner on and watch your sex life transform for the better.
4. Make healthy choices
Sometimes your health status might be a reason for your dwindling sex life. The stress from life is enough to tire anyone out. So exercise and make conscious health decisions like eating healthy and working out. This will help you reduce stress and in turn help you feel good about yourself, also your energy level will be up and your flexibility will be on point. Sex life aside, staying healthy will leave you looking and feeling good.
5. Be bold
This brings us back to communication. You need to be able to communicate with your partner during sex. Let them know what you want and how you want it. Guide them through and watch them lead you to your big O. Swear during sex if you have to, guide their hands and show them where and how you want to be touched. Women! don’t be shy to initiate sex with your partner. You don’t have to wait around until your partner makes the first move. Studies have shown that men love women who take charge, so make the first move and show him whose boss.
Don’t be a selfish lover. Real sex involves two people, there should never be an I when having sex with your partner. People reciprocate the feelings and attention they get during intercourse, but there is nothing to look forward to if your partner knows that only one person ends up happy, so make sure you and your partner are both left happy after intercourse.

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