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Tips On How To Shoot Your Shot In 2018

Shooting your shot has to be one of the scariest things any girl can be faced with. For starters women are used to the conventional way of men doing the chasing and wooing. But what happens when your crush for days doesn’t seem to be looking your way?

Okay! Imagine a guy you have a huge ass crush on is single and you are sick and tired of crushing in silence, but then again you have absolutely no idea on how to make a move or even the courage or guts to slide in his DM without making a fool of yourself. Well we are here to make sure you don’t spend another Valentine’s Day single and wishing you were somewhere having a special moment with your crush.


shoot your shot 2018


We give you 5 Real Life Advice from Women on how best to SYS.

  1. Yinka believes sliding in your crush’s DM and saying hi or hello is NOT Shooting your shot. Everyone loves someone capable of holding interesting conversations, so be that person. She also believes you must have been stalking your crush for a while now, so knowing what interests him shouldn’t be a problem.


  1. 22 year old Ashley thinks that you can shoot your shot indirectly by strategically placing yourself where your crush is and work around getting his attention in the most dignifying way possible. (This probably requires a lot of energy and patience)



  1. Sharon thinks making him notice you should be first, followed by light flirting before taking the bold step of sliding in his DM.



tips on how to shoot your shot in 2018


  1. Idii thinks you should shoot your shot, but be prepared that it might go both ways and that irrespective of the results; you should hold your crown, be a queen and hold no grudge.


  1. Eno believes that the best approach is to make a conversation before asking him out on a date as long as you are paying, because you asked him out and paying is the decent thing to do. (DONT ASK HIM OUT EXPECTING HIM TO PAY) if you do, then you are obviously not mature enough to be shooting your shot.

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