Thursday, September 21, 2023

To Snoop Or Not To Snoop?

We are familiar with the popular saying “What you don’t know won’t kill you”

But what happens when curiosity, doubt and mistrust lingers in a relationship? Mistrust just doesn’t sprout out of nowhere to begin with, we have to look into past experiences, be it personal or something that happened to someone close to you. Your instincts keep telling not to trust anybody, constantly watch your back and “stay sharp”. This trait is as toxic and poisonous to the mind, and it will cause a lot of problems in the relationship you have with people.  Your partner will get to a point where they just get tired of you asking the who what where and acting like you are an obsessed FBI agent.


We believe that if any situation should arise, warranting you to doubt your partners faithfulness, then you should just go ahead and ask them point blank about the situation.

What happens when there is nothing worth snooping around for?

We believe trust should be the foundation of any relationship. So what is the point of you being with someone you don’t trust in the first place? On the long run, your partner will get tired of constantly trying to prove their innocence to you, and what might have been a perfect relationship will end.

Find out what our guests On The Couch have to say about snooping around your partners personal things because you constantly feel like there is something shady going on.

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