Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Tokyo James AW17 Campaign, ‘Son of God: End Times

Say good bye to the days men draped themselves in boring and unattractive clothes. Contemporary Mens wear high end label Tokyo James releases new collection for AW17 ‘son of God: End Times’.  This collection has us spell bound, from the colour hue down to the models used and the designs on this outfits, we can boldly say that designers are now telling a story with their models.

In an Exclusive Interview with the British Nigerian Designer and creative director Tokyo James, this is how he describes the collection

What is the story behind the name ‘son of God’?  “The collection is titled ‘Son of God: End Times, this simply means that we all belong to one God, that we all share a common identity which binds our humanity together, regardless of race, tribe, religion, or sexuality. we have something great that joins us and that’s our humanity which is the most important thing.”

What inspired your choice of fabrics?  “The fabrics in this collection each signify something, the black leather signifies strength, power and resistance to the hate in the world, a resistant to the ugly side of mankind . The green signifies life and a new beginning that there is always hope and light at the other side of the Tunnel while the brown signifies Mother

We see you infused models from different background. what is the concept behind that? “This was a sign of unity, that humanity is the most important thing and love will triumph all.”

Lastly, Encouraging words for creative’s who aspires to be like you. “You can do it no mater what, you have it in you to achieve your heart desires just keep going.” We totally understand how amazed you are at the myths behind the clothes you put on daily, it might be just clothes to you but a personal story to the designer.

Leather never looked so good

The Army of Tokyo James


tokyo 1

Intricate Detailing in one peice











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