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Tolu ‘Toolz’ Demuren, Beyonce, Marcy Dolapo Sijuwade – SPICE Five Stylish Pregnant Moms

If you ever thought rocking a baby bump had to be an uphill task, then you thought wrong. We mean pregnancy shouldn’t be nine months of gloomy ensembles [it’s difficult at times we agree], adorn yourself in pretty, loose boohoo and at times figure flattering silhouettes that would definitely make you the spotlight of the day. As a pregnant who is finding it hard to sty afloat with fashion trends please save yourself the trouble all you have to do is fiollow this beautiful ladies and we are sure their style pick can inspire yours.

These Five beautiful, amazing pregnant moms have taken their baby bumps to a whole new style height

First off, Marcy Dolapo Sijuwade, she made us keep thinking we were hallucinating, ‘is she pregnant or not?’, we could not decide, well… she is and she rocks this bump so effortlessly chic.

Toolz Oniru Demuren is second on our list of stylish pregnant moms. Her Curves are still intact, wonder woman or what?

If you haven’t seen Laura Ikeji and her bump, then your following the wrong people on Instagram. What she should get the award hype pregnant woman of the year, don’t get us wrong everyone deserves this award but hers is way too hyped. If you looking for a more dramatic, bold outfit Inspiration, then head over to Laura Ikejis page.[she even rocks crop tops!!]

Beyonce definitely has to be on this list, she is an epitome of Voguish style. From the body hugging sihoutes, distressed denims and everything in between.

Black don’t crack, Serena Williams is a factory when it comes to style inspiration. Do you see how elegant and well coordinated all her outfits are? You should take style tips from her.


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