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Top 5 End Of The Year Holiday Destinations In Africa

We give you 5 Top Resorts to unwind with your loved ones this holiday.

  • The Melia Resort Zanzibar

spice destination zanzibar melia hotel and resort

This resort is a 5 start heaven on earth resort on the Zanzibar Island. The views of the resort are breathtaking. The rooms are spacious, clean and professionally maintained, some of which come with outdoor showers. The rooms also give guests an amazing view of the Indian ocean. The resort also comes with a state of the restaurant, with pro chefs that cater to the individual needs and meal plans of guests.

  • Kajuru Castle Nigeria

The Kajuru castle is an ancient German style castle located in Kajuru LGEA of Kaduna state, Nigeria. The features of the castle include rounded arches, barrel vaults, thick walls, and large towers. The interior of the castle includes four dungeons like bedrooms with crenelated walls, a master suite, a stainless steel swimming pool with a surrounding that accommodates activities like grilling and barbecuing.

Construction of the Kajuru castle began in 1984 and was completed and opened in 1989. The castle is said to have been built by a German who used to live in Kaduna.

kajuru castle3


  • LUX Belle Resort Mauritius

The LUX Belle Mare is a luxurious, state of the art contemporary, modern resort in Mauritius. The hotel is famous and appreciated for its impeccable ambiance, the white soft sands, the serene view of the ocean, and many other personal features on the resort.



  • Constance Beach Resort Madagascar


What is your vacation without a time out at a luxurious resort? Constance hotel Madagascar is one of the best resorts in the country. The resort is located in suburbs of the country. The resort island is surrounded with beautiful white sand, warm crystal clear water and landscapes.

The rooms are modern contemporary with a breath taking view and a hammock, the bar is filled with a range of professionally made cocktails and mocktails with an impressive sitting area. Their professionally trained management and staff are another plus, not to talk of the divine food for both vegans and non vegans. Also the resort has a professional sports team of Suba divers, swimmers and so on. If you are looking at experiencing  paradise on earth then this resort is your best bet.

  • Labadi beach resort.


One of the best hotels to stay in if you are visiting Accra, the capital of the coastal country, overlooking one of the most beautiful  beaches in the country, Labadi is home to tourists and locals who are looking for the perfect get-away.  The food is superb, the view is amazing, and the staffs are well trained and professional, oh! And of course, the view… the view is one of the best features of the resort. Labadi beach is the go to place also for people who are looking to have drinks, lunch or a relaxing evening away from the hustle bustle of the city life. Also they have a state of the art spa, a beautiful garden with coconuts, palms and many different kind of exotic plants and flowers.

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