Monday, May 29, 2023

Top 5 Fashion Trends at Lagos Fashion And Design Week

Describing the street style seen at Lagos Fashion and Design Week in one word is Trendy, everyone came with one goal in mind, to look super stylish and trendy. Street Style stars walked around the venue looking like they walked out of a magazine cover which was totally amazing. Here are Five trends that couldn’t stay off people attire.


You would think that berets has had it’s fair share of publicity but it seems to be so relevant every time it’s fashion week season.



You can never get enough of prints and the street style stars made it very clear.

Fanny Pack

If you thought that New York fashion week had the most fanny packs then you definitely missed out on the all the fanny packs that made an appearance at LFDW.


By now you already know that sunglasses are also part of making a statement.

Trench Coats

Although the weather was super hot, street style stars did not give a hoot about that, they wen tall ou tto look exceptionally glam.



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