Monday, October 2, 2023

Top Five Made In Nigeria Brands That Would Get You Spending Your Money All At Once

Gone are the days when Nigerians relied on foreign brands for top notch clothes, shoes, bags e.t.c. Over the years there has been an evolution in the Nigerian Made goods and the consumption of those goods by consumers. Everyday  Nigerian entrepreneurs are breaking new grounds by setting  trends in the what ever industry they chose to belong. We have decided to make a list of Top Made in Nigeria Brands that would make you want to spend all your money at once.

Gbemisoke Shoes

If you have big foot, then Gbemisoke shoes might be the perfect place to shop. Their mules is definitely our favorite and we guess their best seller.

Kene Rapu

Africans have, identified themselves with the Ankara Fabric, Kene Rapu has also identified their brand aesthetic with the fabric, their sandals and slippers are to die for. Check them out

TT Dalk

Premium quality leather bags are like rare gems, ttdalk has you covered when it comes to top notch bags and unisex slippers.

Tzar Studios

Nothing gets us like the inscriptions on the Tzar studios tee, their deconstructed slides which comes in different colors and fabric is our all time favorite.

Ezra Foot Wear

Imagine your prince Charming dressed up on your special day and he has this foot wear on. Ezra Foot wears is for the classy man who wants to stay timeless.

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