Sunday, October 1, 2023

Top Foundation Make Up Hacks

Here are our simple top 5 tips to applying your foundation the right way.
1.First things first! wash your face
face washing
The importance of washing your face before applying make-up on can never be over emphasized. Your face is like a fresh canvas, to get the best results of your artwork.
2. Prime! Primer! 
luxury primer
Never underestimate the power of a primer, especially if you have oily skin and large pores. a primer will help allow your make-up last longer without looking cakey. you could use primers from luxury brands or drug store make up or even substitutes like deodorants, milk of magnesia etc.
3.know the best foundation for your skin type.
It is very important to know the type of foundation that best suits your skin type, skin color, and other preference in achieving a smooth, healthy flawless final look. if you find yourself in a dilema when it comes to getting the perfect foundation, contacting a beauty expert is your best bet to save money and energy.
4. Drops of oil on foundation
Add about a drop or two of essential oils of your choice in your foundation to get that perfect glow and dewy finish.
5. Use a synthetic brush to apply your foundation.
foundation brush
According to beauty expert Flawless beauty by Jane, for a perfect and smooth application of your foundation, it is advisable to use a synthetic brush to apply your foundation.
written by: Sefinah lamii
image source: google

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