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Top Nigerian Designer Calls Out New Label Wanni Fuga on ‘Copycat Couture’

Award-winning Nigerian designer, Nkwo Onwuka has just called out another designer’s creativity, taking to social media to voice her upset over the striking similarities between her own design and a dress by new label, Wanni Fuga.

Having released a series of campaign shots lensed by Sunmisola Olorunisola and modelled by blogger Tosin Sho-Silva just this weekthe rising Nigerian brand’s Resort’15 collection, “LIGNE” includes a red, loose fit gown with ruching to the front, as well as a bold white stripe to the middle.

Nkwo Onwuka’s design for her diffusion label, Afromania is seen left, with Wanni Fuga’s recent Resort’15 design seen on the right

Pointing out the similarities between Ms Fuga’s work and her own garment, Ms Onwuka said via her Facebook page;

“Being a designer is not by force o! Many times we see designers doing things that we just know are not original because we know the ‘originators!’

Early this year, we made a series of kaftan dresses for our diffusion label Afromania by Nkwo, which were sold in store and online at [Grey Velvet].  A designer in Nigeria has taken this dress, put one stripe down the bottom half and is now passing it off as theirs…WTF!!!!

So far we’ve not seen a response by creative director of the new label, Wanni Fuga whose gown does bare similarities, even to the neckline. However, the designer did explain in a statement about her “LIGNE” collection that she was;

“…Trying to achieve modern elegance by pertaining to something from the past in a nostalgic way!

I look around today and I see a lot of ‘old school’ fashion being brought back – it’s amazing how the past comes back and becomes more refined.

For me, the question became ‘how I do merge the old new with the new, bring out an edgy look in a way that is in tune with the Nigerian woman.”

Though it’s doubtful Ms Fuga was talking about this exact dress, it’s clear the situation is not “in tune” or ok with Ms Onwuka at all – but tell us what you think via the comments box below or online @SPICETVAFRICA.

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