Monday, October 2, 2023

Trending Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding cakes are indeed an intricate part of your big day. But the selection process can be a tad challenging, well asides the fact that you get to taste a lot of amazing cakes and lurk around beautiful designs and what not (A task which is a blessing and a curse in its own way), you still get to be thrown in a mixer of indecision.
We give you our top 5 trending cake designs of the year. Once you know what the exterior of your cake looks like, deciding on what’s inside should be easy peasy.
Drip cakes

wedding cake4
What’s not to love about a freshly made dripping designed cake? It looks fresh, like the union between you and your partner. It’s tasty, flirty and it is one of the latest cake trends of the year. Mind you, if you intend to have an outdoor ceremony, we strongly advice you re-consider this choice, because of weather factors and the dripping cake. So as to prevent your wedding cake from looking like a sticky mess.
Ombre cakes

wedding cake1
Ombre cakes are so pretty and elegant we can’t even deny it. The gradual blending of one color hue to another as the tints and shades move from light to dark or vice versa is a beautiful representation of strength, and growth. Which are some of the important traits we believe a union should have.
Marble cakes

wedding cake2
The beauty that comes out the mottled appearance in a marble cake is simply divine. If you are having troubles deciding on what color your wedding cake should be, then why not just settle for the colors you and your partner have in mind. Choosing distinct shades of the individual colors will make the blend look like a match made in heaven.
Vintage tiered cake

wedding cake5
This year is all about being retro. Why not try this trend out on your wedding cake? Go for a vintage, traditional tiered cake, with edible flowers and feel like royalty on your big day. Remember the higher the tiers the better. One of the all time rules of vintage trends has to be “Go big or go home”. But be sure to do big and vintage in a classy and lush manner.
Illusion cakes

wedding cake
Naked or not naked? We just love the illusion cake. Why? Because it gives you a glimpse of what your cake looks like on the inside, while the outer part is lightly covered in frost. This way you get to see the actual worth of your cake. Another upside of the naked cake is that you get to be super creative but still have your cake looking effortless and natural.

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