Thursday, March 23, 2023

Tuesday 10- Beauty Products and Trends That Have To Go

Eyebrow stencils


Coming from someone on the team, who has personally tried this trend, we assure you that this stencil is really not worth your money or time. Just take your time and learn how to draw your brows and you are good to go.


Rainbow highlighter


This was exciting for a bit. But realistically, you don’t want to go out every other day with a rainbow face. It was fun while it lasted. It is time to say goodbye.

Peel of blackhead mask


This trend is extremely painful, and let’s just says a combo of charcoal and glue doesn’t sound like a great remedy for your skin.

Bottom lashes

This is why we have a volumising mascara. Just let your eyes breath.

Coca cola hair wash

Wow! Where do we begin? Let’s just say it in one word, don’t! This is just a crazy frenzy that promises to give you fuller and curly hair, but guess what? It doesn’t really work. Lets just stick to drinking our favourite frizzy drink, shall we.

Silicon blender


Uhhhmmmmm… We know majority of the people rushed to this trend because every other person was doing it. Your puffy beauty blender does the exact same thing so there’s really nothing that makes this more special.

Tattoed freckles

The pain! Like we said in our previous post about this trend, like every other trend, this too shall pass. If you are really interested in getting those cute freckles, just get a freckle pencil and get the look.

Outrageous nail art


It was entertaining for a minute. Buy if you are not doing this for an exhibition, a shoot or something really creative, we see no reason why you should go over board and stress your pretty fingers by putting unnecessary add on’s.

Neck contouring

We still don’t get why people do this. Firstly we consider it to be a waste of product, time, and skill. Why not save yourself the stress and focus on making your face as flawless as possible. And let’s not forget how messy your outfit can get, trust us when we say, you really don’t want to spend your day worrying about your face and your neck.

Eyeball jewellery

No! No! No! Please don’t do this to yourself. It is dangerous, sounds painful and not worth it. You can always stick to your colourful contacts and save yourself a bag load of stress.

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