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Tuesday 10 – Dress Shirt Collar

Just like we have different strokes for different folks, we have different types of shirts for different type of styles. This weeks Tuesday, we will be sharing the different choices of dress shirt collars, what kind of occasion each is suitable for and how you can style them.
1. Wing tip collar

The pointed tip of the shirt collar that shares a similar resemblance with the “wings” is where the shirt got its name from. The winged collar is a heavily starched short collar with the tips standing up and pointing horizontally. Famously worn as Tuxedo shirts and paired up with a classy bow tie.

2. Spread collar

The spread collar is what we love to call the go too collar shirt, because this type of collar design cannot go wrong irrespective of how you choose to wear it. It is the thin line between the traditional dress shirt and preppy dress shirt. We love the dress shirt because it is super easy and safe.
3. Button down collar

This classy prep style collar was initially introduced by Polo players as a way to keep their collars from flapping in their faces while riding. This type of shirt can be worn with or without a tie and still retain its class.
4. Mandarin

The Mandarin shirt collar is formed from a singular band of cloth attached round the neck of a shirt. The Mandarin shirt/ Band shirt is better worn as a casual shirt, best for summer, or a less formal look.
5. Pin Collar

The pin collar is kind of the same with a Tab Collar shirt. While tab collar has an extended tab of fabric that buttons under the tie, a pin collar shirt replaces the tab with a bar. The Pin Collar is suitable for a formal or business look, another occasion will be a bit too dressy.
6. Club Collar

The club collar is basically a classic collar point cut off and rounded. When we think about the club shirt, the first image that comes to our head is a picture of “The Classic Man” himself Jidenna. The club shirt has also been around for a long time, also known as the Eton collar was famously worn by Eton college students to distinguish their uniforms from other schools.
7. Tab collar

The tab collar is one of the oldest collar designs of all time. It was worn way back when, during times when collars were detachable from the rest of the shirt. Although these style trendsetter is barely available these days, it worth the haunt to add to your rare shirt collection.
8. Contrast

The contrast collar is basically your everyday shirt but with contrasting patterns or color shades between the shirt and the collar. This modern take on dress shirt can be worn both officially and casually.
9. Point collar

The point collar is one of the oldest types of dress shirt collar. This traditional collar style is narrow distance between the collar points. It is your everyday shirt and suitable for any occasion, every man should own at least a piece of the point collar shirt in his closet.

10. The cutaway

Following the rigid, longer and narrower collars of the 1920s, the cutaway collar dress shirt emerged in the 1930s. This collar style is sometimes referred to as a Windsor collar.

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