Friday, June 9, 2023

#Tuesday 10| Fashion Identities For Women

Every woman has a style that she identifies with, one that has become a part of her being and others that she occasionally shifts to for special occasions and days when she feels like switching things up a bit.

This week’s Tuesday 10 gives our female readers 10 fashion identities we believe every woman can relate to. Read on to find out your style.



fashion identity tom boy

This is for the ladies who want to look simple and in a literal sense, defy the rules of feminine clothing. Graphic tees, oversized shirts, etc are some of the examples of a tomboy-ish look.


fashion identity preppy outfit

This look is the girls that want to look smart with a touch of flirty and still make it look as effortless as possible. The good thing about this look is that it has a sort of luxurious appeal, which isn’t necessarily the case as regards expenses put in getting this look. The preppy look features cute collars, pleated skirts, knee high socks, etc.

Sophisticated/ Glamorous

fashion identity luxury

This type of woman prefers to dress in a sexy, flamboyant and alluring style to depict wealth and class. They strive for distinction, high quality pieces and most often couture.


fashion identity sexy

This look is for girls/women who wear flirtatious, revealing outfits that leave little to the imagination. The reason for this look is often for attention and for flaunting your best features.


fashion identity chic

This is one of the most popular fashion styles. It is classic, stylish and carefully put together. This is the perfect look for women who do not want to look overdressed, but still want to look sophisticated and striking.

Street Style

fashion identity street style

This style is basically associated with youthfulness. In some cases it can be referred to as a fashion representative of urban culture, a true reflection of your personal style, mood and feeling, while you still remain trendy and fashionable.


fashion identity vintage

This style has to do with all things retro. It is a culmination of fashion trends dating back to the 60’s, we are talking florals, high waists, bold prints, pleats and basically almost everything you’ve  been seeing on the runway for the past 2 years.


basma k

This type of fashion is for women are bound my moral and religious reasons to cover up their body, but still look trendy and fashionable.


fashion identity classy

Like Chic, this look is a quality type of fashion that usually includes spot on tailoring and attention to detail. This look aims at achieving a serious sophisticated look, something official, if you may.


fashion identity bohemian

This type of style usually focuses on exotic patterns, and prints. It is simply a gypsy inspired look, with staples like scarves and busy accessories.



fashion identity traditional

This style simply pays homage to the motherland. No matter where you are from, this look simply allows you boast about your heritage.

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