Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Tuesday 10: Hair-Saving Sulphate-Free Shampoos

The natural hair movement is at an all time high and even those who have succumbed to the joys of using the creamy crack (products that are highly conditioning and that care for your hair) may not know that a sulphate-free shampoo may be the thing their hair’s missing.

A popular product that every natural girl should know about, this week’s Tuesday 10 is all about the best of sulphate-free shampoos, and we’ve listed them, below;

1. Aveeno’s Pure Renewal Shampoo, $7.49

Apparently, Seaweed extract is a natural cleansing tool which this product is thoroughly infused with. Along with being a sulphate-free formulation, which means it won’t strip your hair of too many of its natural oils, Aveeno’s shampoo is also great for adding shine to it, too.


2. Bee Mine’s Moisturizing Shampoo, $12.97

Contrary to popular opinion, natural hair can build up residue with product over-load. Bee Mine’s product is well known to clean the hair gently, while removing residue and moisturing the hair. The lightweight formula also nourishes the scalp alongside the cleansing, which will fortify the hair from the root to tip.


3. Curls’ Curlicious Cleansing Cream, $15

The first cleansing cream on our list, this is one for all of those who won’t miss seeing suds while washing their hair. This product is extremely gentle but with the infusion of organic products, it takes care of all the dirt on the hair and scalp without lathering, and leaves the hair luxuriously clean. Try it and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


4. Eden BodyWorks’ Jojoboa Monoi Moisturising Shampoo, $8.99

This product does two things very well: remove dirt and all other forms of build-up on the scalp, as well as balance the hair’s ph levels. Pretty basic right? But very important for healthy hair and just what you need from a shampoo.


5. L’Oreal’s EverStrong Sulphate-Free Fortify System™, $6.99

Ever heard of a patented technology for revitalising weak, thinning hair? Well, L’Oreal has it and thankfully, this shampoo is infused with this it. No more than two to three washes are needed to see a bit of a result, though one wash is enough to simply clean hair thoroughly and gain the added benefit of having strengthened and nourished hair.

6. Giovanni’s Smooth As Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo, $9.05

We don’t push aside the old for the new ‘just because’. When sulphate-free products came onto the scene, this was the first shampoo that arrived to satisfy our need for a product that would care for our hair. Since then, many sulphate-free shampoos have become available and while this one by Giovanni doesn’t come with all the fanciness the others do, it still works to thoroughly cleanse natural hair and remains popular on the natural hair scene.

7. Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream, $23.99

This is an Anthony Dickey creation that we are proud to have on our list. The second cleansing cream we’ve listed, this product has no suds but it is so gentle and creamy that we might be tempted to use it on our skin, too!

8. Kirkland’s Salon Formula Professional Shampoo, $18.98

Yes, colours aren’t great for hair that needs a lot of cleansing, or drier hair types that need lots of product in them daily to keep looking hydrated – but with product comes build up and lots of washing, which means coloured hair will soon fade. A sulphate free shampoo is a complete lifesaver for those in this situation, as they protect the hairs’s natural oils as well as hair dye. This one from Kirkland cleans the hair and strengthens it too – as well as keeping your colour in check. Just what an adventurous beauty girl needs.

9. TIGI’s Bed Head Superstar, $19.99

So we asked around for top sulphate-free shampoos and this one kept popping up: TIGI’s Bed Head Superstar. Helps a lot that it is affordable too, right?  Well, it’s also the perfect choice for super curly hair, especially when it’s used regularly. Reports say it also leaves hair soft, so we are definitely giving this one a try.

10. Kinky Curly’s Come Clean Shampoo , $16.99

You know how sometimes water can be really hard and barely rinses off suds and the like? Well, thankfully, this product deals with that right along with being sulphate-free, aiding all types and temperatures of water to rinse away build-up. Its deeply cleansing formulation is also great for those times when you want a quick dip in the pool without using a swimming cap.

Image source: Babble.com, Sulphatefreeshampoobrandlist.com, Amazon.com

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