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Tuesday 10: TV Series To Watch This Summer

There is no disputing that summer is the season for raves, hangouts, and chills. But you can agree with us that sometimes you just want to curl up in your bed and catch up on your favorite TV shows or watch something new in the comfort of your home.

In no particular order, here are our top ten Summer series worth watching.


top 10

Follow the wild, adventurous and criminal life of 5 Florida manicurists. this comedy-Drama series is in its first season and has received mostly positive review. staring Karrueche Tran, Niecy Nash, Judy Reyes, Jenn Lyon and Carrie Preston.


top 1000

We are super sad that after 7 seat grasping seasons,one of our all time favorite suspense filled TV shows has come to an end. But you could always go down memory lane, to where it all began by watching it all over again from the first season.


tuesday 100

inspired by the life of former Cosmopolitan Editor-in Chief Joana Coles. enjoy this exciting drama about the lives of three friends who work for a top magazine called Scarlet in New York city as they learn new things about themselves, personally and professionally.



tuesday 1000

All hail the king TV series of the decade. truth be told, you cant just have enough of this master piece, especially with all new episodes from season 7 coming out every week. While we are at it, can we please appreciate the perfection in the photos of the cast for Times Magazine.



tuesday 10000

Our Favorite Female cast are back and we can not contain our excitement. watch new episodes of Season 5 and find out what happened after the prison riot and all the other drama and suspense that comes with the all new season.



tuesday 1000000

this 80’s inspired TV series takes us on a crazy ride in the lives of Hollywood misfits who get another chance at stardom by being female wrestlers. The new show is a Netflix original and it has quite an impressive review.



tuesday 100000

Jessica Biel returns to TV as a housewife finds herself trying to uncover the reason and motive behind her recent violent rage and a detective who is obsessed with her case, as he tries to uncover the rue motive behind these acts.. the TV series is an adaption of the novel by Petra Hammersfahr with the same title.


top 10000000

Power is back! and Ghost is behind bars for murder, but this time he didn’t do it. How will he get himself out the mess that comes with the new season?  season 5 looks like its going to be filled with even more drama, and we wont be missing any of it.


tuesday 1000000000

This fresh from the oven Netflix original series has Naomi Watts as Jean Holloway,  a therapist who has  it all going well for herself until she starts to get involved in the lives of the people affiliated with her clients, which in turn ends up in a disaster, making her perfect world a not so perfect one.


tuesday 100000000

Throw it all the way back to when we were all so in love with one of the biggest TV shows of all time. pick up any season of friends and laugh your way through the lives of 6 America’s sweethearts as they take life one hilarious rib cracking and love filled step at a time.

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