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Tuesday 10- Shoes Every man Must Have

Shoes are hands down everybody’s best friend! They have power to make or mar your outfit, they literally boost your confidence and make you feel and look good. here are 10 shoes that we believe every man should have in his closet.

Oxford – Just think sophistication, class, and elegance whenever you think of an Oxford shoe. A must have in every man’s shoe collection. The distinctive “closed laced system” is one of the signature of an Oxford she. If you want to look sleek and sophisticated like James Bond, or Colin Firth and Taron Egerton (Kingsmen) in a suit, then you should get yourself an Oxford shoe.

men shoes1

Sneakers – These shoes are expensive luxury shoes that aren’t exactly used for sporting purposes.  Instead they are worn to compliment a sporty or casual look. These babies usually cost big bucks, so in turn you care for them like your babies, ask Andre Johnson from Black-ish. They are every man’s best friend especially if street style is your forte. Shoes like Yeezys, Balenciaga, Puma, Nike, Jordans, Vans are some f the most reputable sneaker brands.

men shoes8

Moccasin – These Suede shoes are one of those versatile shoes you can throw on, on a casual day over a pair of jeans, semi- cooperate looks or even wore with shorts.

Did you know? The name moccasin comes from the Algonquian Powhatan word “makasin” and the Proto-Algonquian word “maxkeseni” which means shoe.

men shoes6

Monk Straps– Monk Straps are your ultimate escape route from shoe laces. Switch up your look and still retain your sophisticated look. The monk strap is usually considered to be in between a less formal Oxford and a more formal Derby.

men shoes2

Did you know? The monk strap was originally designed as a much more durable and dressier alternative to sandals similar to those worn by European monks

Espradrilles– They are light, casual, comfortable and easily mould the shape of the feet. The best time to rock a pair is ideally in summer, because they look really good when over beach shorts.

mens shoes1

Dessert Boots-Often referred to as the symbol of culture across the world. Dessert boots are remarkably known for its classic silhouette, practicality and the comfort it serves for the modern day man.

men shoes5

Trainers – Now these are workout shoes for actual workout. Every man should have a pair of these in their closet, irrespective of their dedication to fitness. Remember when Jamie Fox Brought out a pair of Nike’s for running when he acted as president of the white house in Olympus has fallen.

men shoes7

Loafers – Good for summer vibes, its casual, comfortable, and gives a smart edge to whatever look you choose to go for. If you want to achieve a traditional preppy look then get you a pair of Loafers.

Slides and Flip-Flops – Your feet deserve to breathe after you have worn covered shoes all week long. They are casual, light and the comfort level cannot even be described. Every man deserves to have freedom footwear in their collection. They usually work with sweat pants, shorts or casual outfits generally.

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Boat Shoes – Stylish, comfortable, breathable and casually classy. This rubber- soled laced up leather sport shoe is perfect for rainy days, because of the rubber sole grip.

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