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Tuesday 10: The Best Body Scrubs for Summer-Ready Skin

If there is one thing we love here at SPICE, it is a good, smooth feeling on he skin – something we quest for come Summertime, when arms and legs (and midriffs, if you can pull it off) are serially on show.

Hence, this week’s Tuesday 10 is all about body scrubs – those that leave a beautiful scent and prepare the skin for swimming and lounging by the sea and sand, and any other opportunities to be shown-off this season.

Below is the best in scent, texture and great pocket value, so have a browse and then seek out your Summer-skin’s next new season buy;


1. Nuance Salma Hayek Walnut Body Scrub, $18.95

No need wondering why this made our list, is there? As indicated by its name, there’s a beautiful blend of walnut to enjoy, with walnut shell powder, caffeine, acai seed and rice bran oil produce conceited for the result of soft but toned, moisturised skin. This product also leaves skin without the scrubbery, sharp feel that others do, so you can get into your exfoliation without being disturbed by any scratchy feelings.


2. Nivea’s Touch of Renewal Lathering Body Scrub$9.73

Looking for a multi-tasking scrub that you can wash and exfoliate with? Well, then try this one by Nivea – a tried and tested brand most of us know and love. This product allows one to scrub their skin clean with its great lathering quality, which also ensures soft and gentle exfoliation, as opposed to a scratchy-sharp scrub some other scrubs provide. Great if you’re in a hurry to get scrubbed, showered and dressed for the beach.


3. Burt’s Bees’ Sugar Scrub in Cranberry & Pomegranate, $7.25

Whoever told you that sugar was great as a scrub… wasn’t lying – as proved by Burt’s Bees’ amazing natural body scrub. This product contains sugar crystals which exfoliates the skin deeply and shea butter for soft, moisturised finish, but beware: Don’t go putting the scrub in your mouth, even though it smells like a gorgeous fruity cocktail. This is for beautifying purposes only, girls…


4. St. Ives’ Exfoliating Apricot Body Wash, $3.29

Soft skin and good scents are all the rage in Summer, right? Well, with this exfoliating body wash from St. Ives you can have both, as its cool formula  exfoliates legs, arms and feet (#SandalReadySaviour) at once, while enveloping skin in a heavenly scent. Something to try pre-holiday, we thinks…


5. Bliss’ Super Minty Soap n’ Scrub, $32

Anything tingly literally revises the inner workings of the skin, by encouraging blood flow and  making the skin’s reparative and productive system  work extra hard. Isn’t that what we all need first thing in the mornings – a proper wake up call? Well, if a skirt’s on the agenda for the day, you’d do well to wake your legs up with this scrub: a super minty 2-in-1 scrub and shower gel that not only exfoliates the skin, but also cleanses it too. Skin is left smooth, shiny, cleansed and wide awake too – and with more of a radiance than you’d have had without the scrub.


6. The Body Shop’s Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia Salt Scrub, $28

Wouldn’t it be great to step into the shower, use one product on the skin – skip the many others that are part of our wash, exfoliate and moisturise routine – dry off and head out of the house to get on with our day? Well, this product from The Body Shop may just be what we need. Packed with just the right amount of everything needed to cleanse and wonderfully moisturise skin, you needed bother to find a wash and moisturiser to accompany your exfoliation – it’s all provided in this cute little pot. The multi-taskers among you will love it.


7. Origins’ Ginger Body Scrub Smoothing Body Buffer, $35

One review calls this ‘perfection in a jar’, and we must say that though said jar looks adorable and multi-useable (we do love to recycle), the product inside is by far our favourite part. Another multi-purpose potion, this scrub leaves you feeling refreshed and your skin ultra soft, while also giving your nerves a bit of a tingle to encourage radiance and good circulation, via the ginger in its formulation – and yes, it smells just awesome, too.


8. Clinique’s Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream, $25

Here’s yet another splurge-worthy product – this one being a scrub that’s great for sensitive skin. In one deft application, smooth and soft skin is yours – and, with a gentle formulation, no irritation will occur so you can forget about itching or any redness. That’s right, simply scrub and go find your best skirt.


9. Liz Earle’s Energising Body Scrub, £12.25

Known for great skincare and makeup, we definitely know that Liz Earle has nothing but the best in store and this ‘energising’ body scrub doesn’t disappoint. The lovely fragile-looking tube is home to a lovely scrub that works effectively to leave skin ultra soft and smelling delicious, with its rose scent literally crying to be soaked onto skin.


 10. Dermalogica’s Exfoliating Body Scrub, £21.55

This product by skin experts Dermalogica is a great scrub with a ouch of luxury, heralded by its gorgeously thick texture (so creamy) and generous amount of exfoliating beads that are mixed through it. After one use, your skin feels free of every single piece of dirt that’s been clogging up skin, so it’s a great choice if you’ve been neglecting your skin for a while. This scrub is also perfect if you suffer from intensely dry or flakey skin, too.

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