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Tuesday 10: The Best of Blue Eyeshadows

Blue has certainly secured its place as one of the top shades to try for 2014 – and for beauty, that means blue eyeshadow.

For this week’s Tuesday 10, we’ve rounded up a few of our faves, bringing you all the best in texture, finish and brands. See them, below;


1. MAC’s “Contrast,” $15

We just love how dark this shadow is and must add that the picture does not do it credit. Infused with tiny sparkles that show up with the use of a good primer, we particularly appreciate how special this shadow is when used to create a dark blue, full smokey eye.

bare escentuals

2. Bare Escentuals’ “Azure,” $14

We love duo-toned sparkly colours and this one definitely makes our list, with its teal/turqoise blue giving a head-turning, shimmered look. One thing to avoid is applying it without a cream base as you will end up having the shimmer fall off your eyes with every step.


3. NYX’s “Atlantic,” $4.99

Very pigmented and with a deep, royal blue colour, this is one of our favourites. Providing more of a light sparkle than a matte look, this might be one to use with a strong base, but is none the less a real beauty of a product.


4. Urban Decay’s “Kiddie Pool,” £7.00

Described as a ‘beautiful Cinderella blue’ we at SPICE love that it works well as a slight hint of colour on lids but is buildable for a more intense look. An added plus is that the glitter doesn’t fall out and onto your cheeks!


5. Make Up For Ever’s Shadow in Shade “#72,” $19

A matte, light blue shadow that actually shows up and blends well, we really like using this product. Like most of the others on this list though, it needs a good base to show up well, but when it does, it is beautifully opaque and will catch all the right kind of attention.


6. MAC’s “Cornflower,” $42

Another dual-toned blue on our list is this one by MAC. Baring blue and purple tones, “Cornflower” is a metallic-sheened shadow that tends to be a bit chunky during application, so needs to be mixed well before use. That said, it is also the most unique blue pigment, ever.


7. Ben Nye’s “Cosmic Blue,” $9

Oh, gorgeous Ben Nye strikes again, but this time with the prettiest matte blue eyeshadow there is. As well as being a really bright blue shade , this is also so matte that it absolutely pops on lids. This shadow also goes on neatly and evenly.


8. Illamasqua’s “Anja,” $54.98

Talk about smooth blendable eyeshadows and you have to mention Illamasqua’s. And thankfully, the brand also creates this really light sky blue eyeshadow, which is just perfect for Spring. Pastels are notoriously difficult to blend, but not this one – this is the pastel blue shadow that breaks the rule and that every girl should have in her collection.


9. Face Atelier’s “Azure,” $17

This is a serious cross between a dusky sky blue and lilac, but still it makes our list for its flawless finish. Definitely a must have, we just love its unique shade.


10. Make Up Forever’s Shadow in Shade “#159,” $25

This deep cobalt blue eyeshadow by Make Up Forever is a product fit for a princess; ridiculously smooth and high pigmented without a base, it’s effortless, impactful and your makeup bag’s dream. Buy one for the boldest of eyes.

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