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Tuesday 10: The New Nude Nail Polishes to Paint Yourself On-Trend With

As we’ve banged on about, nude is one of the trending colours in fashion and beauty this season, with one of the best ways to wear it being on the tips of your fingers. And, since we’ve a duty to keep you up to date on the best ways to stay in style’s loop, this week, we’re bringing you the best of nude nail polishes from about the beauty-sphere.

Keep in mind though, that your personal skin tone will play a huge part in picking your favourite, but see our top picks for a variety of complexions below then get yourself off to your nearest stocking store;


1. Jin Soon Nail Lacquer in “Tulle,” $18

Want that barely-there, sheer look for your nails but don’t want to go entirely without nail polish? Well, “Tulle” by Jin Soon is the way to go. Beautifully sheer but providing a well-manicured look we look forward to the finish we get when applying this polish.

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2. Essie Nail’s “Ballet Slipper,” £7.99

Ok, so how many nail polishes can say they’ve been endorsed by the Queen of England? This one can. This polish is also pretty sheer but has a modern look to it with its pinkish-nude hue. Be patient with it when applying though because if you are looking to have it opaque, three coats are necessary to do the trick.

main.original.620x480 (2)

3. L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Nail Colour in “Walk On The Beach,” $6

Now, we usually don’t advise anyone to go to the beach right after getting their nails done but with this, we actually can. Long-lasting wear is guaranteed with this grey toned polish and it leaves such a fresh, minimal look that we’d love our own endless supply.

main.original.620x480 (3)

4. Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Nail Lacquer in” Nudite,” $20

Some of our favourite nudes polishes have pinky-biege hues and definitely (despite the price) this is on our list of ones to lust for. This makes us feel rather grown up when we have it on our nails as there’s something especially sophisticated about it.

main.original.620x480 (4)

5. Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure Polish in “Choco Latte,” $4.65

Yes, the shade of “Choco Latte” is exactly as its name would suggest – like a chocolate latte. We love the milky texture of this product which we are sure is not coincidental at all. It’s also very long-lasting and scores major points for its delicious-looking finish.

main.original.620x480 (5)

6. OPI’s Nail Lacquer in “Dulce de Leche,” $8

Not to be left out, giant nail brand OPI have this rather lovely caramel-coloured nude polish. True to brand, this exudes class and elegance, and we are glad to not be disappointed by its performance.

main.original.620x480 (6)

7. Butter London’s 3 Free Nail Laquer in “Aston,” $15

With Lupita’s fame and fortune, deliciously dark-skinned girls are coming forth, for whom this product was destined. We love that this product caters for the uniquely blessed clique of rich complexions, and with the shimmering finish of this toffee-hued polish, we bet that a lot of you will be longing to join them, too.

main.original.620x480 (7)

8. Zoya’s Nail Polish in “Dea,” $9

It’s not likely that a nail polish can make you feel warm but this brownish-nude polish with lovely, soft orange undertones does in fact exude a warmth – especially if you are one to look at well-done manicures with a sort of longing. Well, with just one coat of Zoya’s polish, you’ll be happy staring at your nails all day.

main.original.620x480 (8)

9. RGB Hipp’s Nail Foundation in “F4,” $18

Another polish for the darker-skinned girls is this polish by RGB Hipp, which is opaque enough to provide full coverage with just 2 thin coats. We love that we can wear this without a base coat too (for those of us who are too lazy – read: busy – to spend layering up).


10. Deborah Lippmann;s Nail Lacquer in “Modern Love,” $16

Ever wondered if there was any such thing as a bright nude? Well, this is a perfect example. With the slight hint of red, this polish is just what you need to brighten your day without clashing with the rest of your outfit. Stay on-trend with a drop of this on your nails.

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