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Tuesday 10- Things to Consider Before Quitting Your Job

There are a lot of things people experience that make them decide to quit their job. For some it may be that they have a job that pays well, but it isn’t what they are passionate about, so they are often unhappy and unenthusiastic. While for others it may be that their working environment is terrible and they realize that they are a step away from depression. But before you decide to quit your job and job hunt for a new one, there are certain things you need to put into serious consideration before taking this important step.
Our Tuesday 10 countdown is a list of things you should think through before quoting your job.
1. Are you financially stable enough to take care of yourself and pay your bills for 6 moths and above, after you quit your job?
You need to be sure that you can fend for yourself before quitting your job, just so you don’t end up with a pile of debt.
2. Do you have a family and other dependent ones?
If you are married and you have children, then quitting your job while you haven’t found a replacement is not going to be easy. You need to understand that you are not just doing it for yourself anymore, but for your family too. You have to consider your family and the situation they will be in when you make this choice.
3. If you intend to start a personal project, are you financially ready?
what to consider before quitting your job
Quoting your job based on verbal promises from family, friends and potential partners who have given their word to help fund your business is a big risk. So if you have decided to quit your job, make sure you have enough funds to start your project in a little way.
4. Have you considered the economic situation of your country?
Unemployment has been a big challenge and the government haven’t been able to reduce it to a bare minimum for ages. So think deep and be sure joining the list of unemployed people is really what you want to do.
5. Have a plan and a back up plan and a safe plan.
Before you quit your job, make sure you have a plan on how you want to live and what you want to do after quitting your job. make sure you have a soiled backup plan in case things don’t go the way you envisaged.
6. Is your timing perfect?
Before you quit your job you need to make sure your timing is good so you don’t end up wishing you had though your actions through before concluding.
what to put into consideration before quitting your day job
7. Have you tried to deal with your present situation at your work place?
If you have your dream job but you find yourself facing some bumps from your boss, colleagues or the system. Try making things work before you decide to leave, because there is no guarantee that your new job will be any better.
8. How sure are you that you will excel at your new career choice.
You need to know that not all hubbies will be lucrative. So before quitting your 9-5 you need to be sure that there is a target market and your idea can reach through to your target audience.
9. Are you sure you have what it takes to work for yourself?
what to consider before quitting your day job
Working for yourself comes with a lot of responsibilities. So be sure that you are mentally mature and ready to take on your own business.
10. Are you patient enough to wait and watch your business grow from scratch,  o Mayer the pace?
Most people automatically think that as long as they have a good idea, it will begging to turn in massive profits as soon as possible. While it is the case for other people, some other business take longer to boom. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are doing anything wrong, it just means that you have to allow your business grow at the healthiest pace.

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