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Tuesday 10: Trending Retro Denim Styles

One of the fashion trends that will never become extinct has to be Denim. Over the years, new and retro denim styles have come and gone, and 20017 is no different. It’s no longer news that the major fashion trend for this year is all things retro. So when you think about what the major denim staples were in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s then you bet your socks they made it back on the run way. This week’s Tuesday Ten is a compilation of must haves from this designer and consumer favorite.


Appliqué encrusted denim



The retro trend is heavy on DIY. And it was either go big or go home, we must say that the appliqué encrusted denim was a fav and we are more than happy this trend is back. Bedazzle your denim with colorfull statement appliqués, beads, and stick on pearls to give it a right vibe. This reworked vintage style is a definite must have this year.


Statement hem jeans

demin trendd

Frays, tassels, luxe feathers, bare raw hem or fringe are the top statements for your jeans. Pick out any of these trends and style your old denim DIY style or cop yourself a new one. Either way you are sure to take on the look and slay.


Ruffle Hem denims


These cute flared hem denims are adorable and super stylish. Pair them up with deconstructed tops, simple sleeveless tops.

Oversized denim jackets

demin trendsssssssssssssssss

This is another all time fav of the 80’s. Sometimes referred to as the boyfriend jacket, this style is comfy, cute, and best of all can be worn as an off shoulder or in the retro way of throwing it over a cute sleeveless top of dress.


Rolled up cuffs

demin trendssssssssss

Best part of this style come back is that you need to buy a new pair of jeans. Just pick out whatever pair of jeans speaks to you, roll-up the cuffs in either a thin double line, or a single bold turn up and pair with boots, flats or soles.


Denim skirt

demin trendddd

You really can’t go wrong with this fashion rebirth. Be it the long, medium or cute girl next door mini demin skirt. You are sure to sell this look.


Denim dress

deminn trend

Cute, easy to thrown on, and supper comfy. A denim dress is a should have in your closed this year.


Cropped flare

demin trendsss

Unlike the other easy to rock and throw on’s listed above, this retro trend can be a little difficult to pull off. You can serve this look best by pairing it with heels, and if you are more of a sneaker or boots person, you can pair it with high boots, because it makes it look less awkward and more fashion forward.


Patch work denim

demin trenddd

This is another big denim trend that owned the 60’s and 70’s. This time the comeback has been explored and accepted in the world of street style. The color contrast is not for the fashion timid; because it makes you the centre of attraction and you have to be sure you pair it right.

Oversized high waist jeans (Mom Jeans)

deminn jeans

The ultimate comfort wear. Dress it up or dress it down, this vintage trend can never go wrong. What’s best; it accentuates your waist line, leaving you with curves in the right places.

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