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Tuesday 10- Trending Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a staple accessory for everyone. Originally created to protect your eyes from the sun, sunglasses have evolved into a stylish fashion statement and they have continued come in different shapes and sizes over the years.

We give you the best sun-glass trend of the year.

  1. Round vintage sunglasses


These retro inspired sunglasses are one of the best comebacks of the season. They come in a much smaller frame, it is perfect for narrow and medium and square faced. This 1920’s vintage sunglasses are a should have.

  1. Aviators


Aviator sunglasses have been an all time favorite for many decades. They have never truly gone out of fashion.  Loved for the classic masculinity and effortless badassness they give when you put them on.

  1. Metal sunglasses


They are the best alternative for acetate frames. They are lighter and more hip. Metal sunglasses are one of the best retro comeback sunglasses trend this year. An example of the metal sunglasses is the clip-on frame sunglasses, notable for its vintage stylish look.

  1. Wayfarer


They are timeless pieces and an all time favorite just like the Aviators. Wayfarers are unarguably stylish and fashionable.

  1. Retro sunglasses


These babies are futuristic, daring and bold. They are not for the faint hearted, if you are a fashion dare devil, then you should definitely cop yourself a pair.

  1. Tortoise shell sunglasses


Tortoise shell sunglasses are also one of the top sunglasses trend of the year, especially the bold and bright pairs. They are absolutely perfect for summer. These babies add a pop to your already fabulous outfit or even a random throw on.

  1. Mirrored sunglasses


Reflectors are a wining sunglasses trend this year. Luxury designers have also tapped into this trend. Mirrored coated lenses, reflect light away from the eyes of the wearer.

  1. D- Shaped sunglasses


These angular oversized look, masculine flattering comeback

  1. Brow-line sunglasses



Flat top and square shaped. They are a twist between contemporary and modern. They come in a thick and more masculine semi rimless frame.

  1. Folding sunglasses


They are really like your regular sunglasses but a fold-able and more portable version.

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