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Tuesday 10: Waterproof Mascaras We Wouldn’t Be Without for Watching the 2014 World Cup

As the 2014 World Cup is underway, emotions are a-flying and we know that quite a number of you will be out there cheering for your country. But crying tears of joy, sadness or frustration (we mean, did you see this guy’s face during Nigeria’s game against Iran last night?) is only going to mess up your makeup – unless you’ve a good waterproof mascara, that is…

Yes, this week’s Tuesday 10 is guaranteed to provide us with a streak free promise throughout the months of June and July, or however long your team makes it during the games. So see our pick of the best waterproof mascaras below and save your makeup look from running down your face;


1. Revlon’s PhotoReady 3D Volume Waterproof Mascara, $7.48

A true waterproof formula,  we love that this mascara comes with a lovely rubber wand which makes application a breeze whilst ensuring that every single lash is coated. #Cool.

Kanebi sensai

2. Kanebi’s Sensai Mascara, $25

Truth is, we all hate waterproof mascara that takes forever and a day to come off, but this product from Kanebi combines skincare technology to ensure that while being waterproof, it is also super gentle on the lashes and so easy to take off. Perfecto!


3. Maybelline’s “Lash Discovery” Mini Brush Waterproof Mascara, $7.29

If you have never tried applying mascara to your lower lashes, you will never know just how hard the process can be. This miracle mascara from Maybelline makes it so easy as well as providing the added plus of being waterproof. The tiny wand bristles ensures that all the lashes are coated evenly so not even one is left out, and there’s also super curl-enhancement to be achieved with its formula. Thanks Maybelline – we’ll take 2!


4. Lancome’s Hypnose Waterproof Custom Volume Mascara, £22.50

By far the most highly-rated waterproof mascara, this one may cost a few bucks but is definitely worth it. We love that this product doesn’t dry up quickly like most waterproof mascaras do, and it also leaves lashes soft which is ridiculously rare for waterproof mascara. Another added bonus is that this product gives good volume without clumping – so lots of bang for your buck.


5. L’oreal’s “Telescopic Extensions” Waterproof Mascara, $9.95

This is asking for bit too much but hey, L’oreal seems only too happy to give it to us. This is a waterproof mascara with a whole bundle of benefits, as along with being great for lengthening lashes, it also works well for sensitive eyes and for those who wear contact lenses. Did we mention that part of the reason it has ‘extensions’ included in its name is because it also bestows all its benefits on falsies too? Just wonderful.


6. Benefit’s “BADgal” Waterproof Mascara, £17.50

There are times when even the best waterproof mascaras can’t hold up in humid weather, but this one really can since it’s formulated to work as hard as we do. Don’t believe it? Try it for a full day shift at work and leave without the dreaded ‘panda eye.’


7. bareMinerals’ Flawless Definition Waterproof Mascara, $10.49

When Pat McGrath does spider lashes on models, we love it and want to replicate it. That is where this baby comes in. We can achieve a highly defined look with this product by bareMinerals, which also provides the option to rock a bit of natural looking volume, length and curl  – all with that all important waterproof power.


8. Yves Saint Laurent’s Volume Effet Faux Cils Luxurious Mascara, £23.00

This beautifully packaged product by YSl is as luxurious as you’d expect. The smooth formula seperates lashes nicely and is great for sensitive eyes – plus it bares a soft rose scent while providing both volume and length. #Swoon.


9. Giorgio Armani’s “Eyes To Kill” Excess Mascara, $32

Available only in the blackest black, Giorgio Armani had seduction in mind when he created this potent mascara. It coats lashes in a wet, deeply black finish while also providing volume and protection from water. In other words, it’s the perfect product for an intense, long-lasting look that won’t budge.Clinique

10. Clinique’s “Lash Power” Mascara, $9.99

Three great things are provided by this mascara: staying power, a medium-sized wand for easy use and a fabulously small price tag. You do need to be patient with this one though, as it does take a touch longer to dry – but, once it does, it stays put all day and won’t be bothered by rain or tears. Lash power indeed!

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