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Tuesday10: 10 Things We’ve Learnt from the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show concluded in London’s Earl’s Court (where it was hosted for the first time ever) on 2nd of December, leaving the internet and the world enthralled. And, alongside all the fun and fashionable goings-on, everywhere from its runway to backstage, there was some serious style notes to make.

Hence, here’s 10 things we’ve learned from the 2014 Vicotria’s Secret Show – from out-dressing your Christmas tree to celebrating the sight of our favourite black and African models…


1. Black & African Girls Get our Hearts Going.

We mean, c’mon

joan smalls

On sight of models Jourdan Dunn, Joan Smalls, Maria Bourges, Grace Mahary, Cindy Bruna and Lais Ribeiro (amongst others) on the catwalk at last week’s highly anticipated Victoria’s Secret Show, our legs turned to jelly and our hearts went a-racing.

maria Borges
Maria Borges looking beautiful in her wings on the ramp

candice Swanepoel
South African model Candice Swanepoel with her gilded wings

jourdan dunn
Jourdan Dunn stomping the runway with her now signature bob

…Tell us you didn’t feel the same, seeing these beauties represent in their wings and we’ll tell you we don’t believe you.


2. It’s OK to Dress Yourself up like a Christmas Tree

Over the top beading, draping, gilding, lacework and all other types of embellishment are so in, in terms of intimate-wear, and your guy will be glad to get his eyes (and hands) round the idea, if you end up looking like any of the girls on the ramp did.

But it wasn’t just on the catwalk that the girls were seen stunning – behind the scenes, the beauties were still selling their smalls, lounging around shiny surfaces, larking about together like they were at some overly glamourous sleepover, and lining up pre-stomp down the runway, and posing for the lucky photographers backstage.


It’s amazing how they managed not to become tangled (unlucky, guys) while dressed in their gorgeous, multicoloured clobber, but then judging by the talent Victoria Secret enlisted as this year’s angels, it seems there’s a reason the show was stocked full of modelling pros.


3. It’s all about a Theme

“Gilded Angels,” “University of Pink,” “Fairy Tale,” “Exotic Traveller,” “Dream Girl” and “Angel Ball” were the host of themes piled into this year’s luxury underwear-fest, which was punctuated by performances by Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande – and wow, were they worked to the extreme!

Cindy Bruna stopped the show in her epic, golden wings and corset

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.48.19
Grace Mahary’s Insta-pic shows the stunner on the ramp, repping the “University of Pink” theme

A standout moment came as Cindy Bruna rocked a magnificent pair of gold wings, while Grace Mahary was seen stealing the show in the “University of Pink” theme, but if we can take anything away from the gorgeousness we saw at the event, it’s that no amount of feathers, beads and tassels will ever out-do Jasmine Tookes’ amounts of stunning. Did you see her?! We mean, just wow…

Model Jasmine Tookes taking the runway by storm in her feathered ensemble
Model Jasmine Tookes taking the runway by storm in her feathered ensemble


4. Spending $2m on a “Fantasy Bra” is Totes Worth It

The lucky ladies donning this year’s Victoria’s Secret “Fantasy Bra” – a highlight of the brand’s annual showcases – were Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio.

Made of rubies, sapphires and diamonds, the models rocked the 2 million dollars worth of bras to perfection, with everyone from the front row to the blogosphere wishing they could muster the funds (or enough glitter and glue) to get their own.


Putting two of the world’s most beautiful women in two of the most expensive bras ever made, to incite a thirst in millions of female (not to mention male) viewers of the show? Victoria’s Secret aren’t silly, are they. But they are probably laughing, all the way to the bank…


5. Capes are Back & for the Bedroom

Forget millions-worth of precious gems though, as it’s all about a cape, apparently, with more than a few of the Victoria’s Secret Angels seen swishing one both on and off the ramp.


Waft yours, let it glide in the air as you move – hell, drag it along the floor behind you. So long as you’re carrying a cape to the bedroom, according to stylists of the show (and every guy in the Earl’s Court arena who watched it), capes are the thing to bring to the bedroom. And, if you can pull it off as well as the Angels did, your fella will believe you equally as much as he’ll not notice you were rocking one.


6. Chokers: Not Just ’90s Nostalgia

Similarly, those grungy, goth-y chokers we thought only worn to recall the ’90s or to add rebellious years to ex-Disney stars like Ariana Grande? Now also for grown up ensembles worn in the wee hours (or freaky, mid-day happy hours) and completing your hottest ensembles.

Joan in her dark Angel look, complete with grungy choker...
Joan in her dark Angel look, complete with grungy choker…

We spied a few on the runway at Vctoria’s Secrets’ 2014 show, with Joan Smalls amongst others, doing them sexy justice. Find yours at any good and previously misunderstood highstreet store to get your after dark, demanding bedroom look.

7. Hoods Have a Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi. 

And, for when you’re not lounging about with ‘come to bed with me eyes’ in your over-the-top, bells-and-whistles underwear, complete with cape and choker? Straight chill, with your hood up like some gorgeous G.

Joan Smalls and her top model colleagues pulling off the ‘Angels with attitude’ look

As learned from the angels who were captured in their downtime, pre-show, hoods worn a-top pure gorgeousness has a certain “you can’t sit with us” quality that we thought only achievable in ultra-glam wear.

Perfectly obtainable off-duty model-wear, hoodies are the thing to be seen in when you’re not yet in the mood, want to keep a little distance from your significant other yet still draw them in.

8. Loose waves are the way forward

Another style tip we’ve learned from the glamazons on the catwalk at one of the world’s biggest events, is how smooth, sleek wavy hair can look when you’re trying to look effortless.

Ms Smalls' waves were free flowing a-top her fun outfits
Ms Smalls’ waves were free flowing a-top her fun outfits

Backstage, Joan's long, 'girl-next-door tresses contrasted with Ms Dunn's blonde bob, which was also given the waved look
Backstage, Joan’s long, ‘girl-next-door tresses contrasted with Ms Dunn’s blonde bob, which was also given the waved look

That said, we know just how much effort keeping one’s tresses that tame can be, so we bid anyone looking to recreate the look ahead of a wild night in, good luck. Though you clearly either have the time to waste perfecting it ahead of things getting steamy (and bringing back those curls), or have a guy who’s more than worth the trip to the hairdressers before and after the night in question.

Grace Mahary, keeping her locks on lock-down before the show… After who knows how long spent sat being coiffed...
Imaan Hamman, keeping her locks on lock-down before the show… After who knows how long spent having her signature tight curls coiffed and tamed…

9. There’s Hope for our Bodies Yet… Thanks to Candice Swanepoel

We also learned that, despite the unforgettable fashion, styling and swagger each girl brought to the runway, there was no denying their bodies. Just, damn

And, if you were wanting toned arms like Jourdan Dunn, long, lean legs like Cindy Bruna or a strong set of abs like Jasmine Tookes, you needn’t stray further than the Victoria’s Secret website, where Train Like an Angel videos are available to get-fit with.

Here’s one with South African model, Candice Swanepoel, showing you how she gets trim in time for walking the catwalk…

10. We Love Victoria’s Secret, More Than We Thought We Did

This year, the hype for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has been greater than ever, and so has our love for the resulting event. Who knew that one catwalk, full of nearly naked, theatrically-covered goddesses would have us so hooked, and grip the world for longer than Kim Kardashian’s Internet breaking body?


It seems that after all the hash-tagging, instagramming and straight drooling over the show’s models and the beautifully-crafted lingerie, we at SPICE are now even bigger fans of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and are already in waiting for 2015’s extravaganza.

And, with the show set to air to the rest of the world that weren’t able to swoon over the models from the side of the runway, tonight on US TV Channel CBS, we reckon the entire globe will be equally as gripped for at least another week, if not the 12 months that remain until the next annual event.

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