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#Tuesday10: Beyonce’s Most Memorable Shoe Moments So Far

Hot on the heels of designer and shoe god, Giuseppe Zanotti‘s announcement that he is designing a pair with megastar, Beyonce (read about it, here) we at SPICE have been super excited for the moment they are finally revealed, with just a couple of weeks to wait before their unveiling.

And, while we’re waiting, we’ve had a look back at all the other big shoe moments Bey’s had over her career – that’s hits, misses and minor mishaps – which you’ll find detailed here, below…

1. Bey’s First Statement Stamp Shoe

An obvious first for the list is a moment from Beyonce’s first ever solo music video, which coincidentally is also the first time we all knew we needed a pair of pointed, patent red court shoes to compliment our tiny denim shorts and white vest combo.

Yes, who could forget her strut in those shoes? But more specifically, who could forget this move;

crazy in love

…That was the moment we knew Queen Bey had arrived and that we were going to be “Crazy in Love” with her, her wardrobe and her booty hop for evs.

2. Those Punishing Points

Can we talk for a moment about the video to “Green Light”? It was as though Beyonce had no respect for her pedicurist, wearing a punishing pair of latex heels that gave ballerinas’ pointing shoes a run for their money.

The then Mrs Carter-to-be couldn’t exactly walk in them (in fact she crawled in the video) and she did require a rail to help her stand up, but in signature Beyonce style, she took no time in having girls queuing up behind her to wear them, proving her status as both a trendsetter and blower of minds.

We mean, owww….

green light

3. Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, oh-no-no – NOT Those.

Back ‘in da day’ though, Beyonce’s shoe game was somewhat humbler, with some heels in her history likely to be left in the back of her closet – crumpled and covered in dust, and not ever to see the light of day again.

Like, for example, this pair of blue, tasselled boots which the star gyrated in alongside her Destiny’s Child co-stars, who by the looks of things, made the same matchy-matching mistake. With buckles on.


Since Beyonce has had so many hits in her career so far, we think we can allow her a few mistakes, and these are surely at the top of the 2000-and-something shit-list. #SorryBey.

4. When Beyonce Wore Couture Stilts

Jumping forth to more forward-thinking times, for the cover and campaign for her 2011 album, 4 Beyonce donned an amazing, if not unusual pair of heels by Jan Taminau – a Dutch designer who specialises in couture creations that we mere mortals couldn’t even dream up (while sober).

bey 4

And, posed as though to mimic the exaggerated silhouette of the shoes, Bey looks her usual glamazon self; her stature totally saying “I woke up like this” and having the world scream back, “we believe you!” Or ‘Bey-lieve’ you, depending how far up her hive you find yourself as a fan.

5. When Bey Rocked Shoes She could See Her Pants in

Another severely sublime shoe offering of Bey’s came in the form of these crazy, gold Gareth Pugh… shoe boots? We’re not sure what they are technically labelled (are they heeled clogs?), but they were like little nuggets of pure styling genius for her music video to “Run the World (Girls).”


Ok, so they’re not necessarily what we’d suggest for cutting shapes on the dance floor or milling about in the desert like Bey did here, but if you can look even a quarter as good as Beyonce did in them? Well, then you’ll have struck gold – gold so shiny you could check your lipstick, or whether you remembered to put on pants.

6. When Bey Forgot Shoes come as a Pair

Thing with Beyonce is, it’s not always about uber sexy, sky high heels and it’s not always about playing by the rules, either. In fact, sometimes, ‘Yonce brings out her ‘hood’ side, sets her own style agenda and rocks a pair of kicks that don’t even match identically – like only Bey can.

Keith Haring x Reebok sneakers

Take, for example, this selfie the singer posted for followers back in 2013, wherein she flaunts a pair of Reeboks inspired by artist Keith Haring, and had the whole world trying to match her steez.

#Flawless? We’re not sure it was the most thought out plan for a shower outfit, but Blue Ivy’s mum did look pretty fly that day.


7. That Time Bey Beat on a Man Like Solange in an Elevator

So it seems we found the source of inspiration behind Solange’s infamous moves during The Incident That Shalt Not Be Discussed, with Beyonce seen showing no mercy for her cheating man in the video for “Me, Myself and I.”


Getting her ‘Yonce on for the first time in her solo career, Queen Bey went toe-to-toe with her soon-to-be-ex, toe-punting the living daylights out of him – in pointed courts, no less – before kicking off her heels like it’s Friday and she just got home after a long week of work.


When in Yonce mode, Bey always keeps it real…

8. That ‘Other’ Hood Move Beyonce Had in Her Closet

Back when Beyonce was the main chic in Destiny’s Child (remember, no matter what universe Bey’s in, she’s always Queen), the singer surprised us all in the music video for “Soldier,” by busting a move with the boys.


Doing what was a pretty pivotal dance move for the era (you either had it in your arsenal or you were that person nodding their head against a wall somewhere that everyone else in the club wasn’t), Beyonce busted out a passable ‘crip walk’ amid a huddle of baggy clothed gents, and thus cemented herself as not just the best singer of Destiny’s Child, but the best mover, too.

Not that we’ve forgotten the other two band members or anything. Kylie and Marcelle will always be our second best faves.

9. When Beyonce’s Shoes Floored Herself  

When Bey does anything, she does it to epic proportions – hence, when the moment came for Beyonce to experience what most of us have felt (the dreaded public stumble in our favourite pair of heels) it was on stage and megawatt amounts of embarrassing…


Just like us though, the star got straight back up after her infamous fall – captured above in pixelated form by a Beyonce fan without an iPhone – and continued as though it didn’t happen.

If those shoes were flats, perhaps it wouldn’t have.

10. That Time Bey Talked into Her Bare Foot

Last but not least, we need to talk about Beyonce’s foot phone, revealed in her surprise, camera phone-shot music video for “7/11” (read how you can steal her style from that video, here).

foot phone

…Or rather, Beyonce might need to talk to a professional about it, which she’ll get nowhere with if using her foot call them.

Love drunk or just plain drunk, we’re not quite sure, but if she’d have just put on a pair of shoes and stopped playing with her feet, we’d be talking about a whole different moment here, for sure.

foot phone2

Fingers (and toes?) crossed for a Giuseppe Zanotti x Beyonce design that’s crazy in a good way…

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