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#Tuesday10: Jewels We Really Want

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and we’re drawing up a list. On it, are the jewels and trinkets we really want to receive – whether they come signed with a signature we can recognise or with a mystery ‘?’ instead.

Yes, forget chocolates and flowers (though as a side accompaniment to these babies, they’ll also do). What we really, really want, dear Valentine, are here below.

1. YSWARA’s Africa-Made Must-Haves

Luxury lifestyle label, popular for its range of gourmet, African tea and accessories, YSWARA is a girl’s best friend when it comes to jewellery, if artisan-made goods in African materials are your girl’s thing.


Founded by Swaady Martin-Leke in 2013, the home-grown African brand  combines traditional techniques with modern designs and supports local craftsmen, so you know when you’re buying your loved one a gift, you’re also giving back to the continent’s creative pool too.

See the brand’s stockists here.

2. Loza Maleombho’s “Queen” Ring

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: We want this ring.


Made by Brazilian-Ivorian-Chadian designer, Instagram It girl and creative being Loza Maleombho, the “Queen” ring will help us feel like the queens we really are. Gift your girl with one if she rules your world.

$75 here.

3. Adele Dejak’s “Ayan” Bracelet

For anyone with a slight obsession with horn materials, this Masaai-made cow horn will be a delight to unwrap.

Made from reclaimed Ankole cow horn and recycled brass, the piece was made in Kenya and is perfect for those who do tough-looking accessories.


Tell your lady how strongly you feel about her with this trendy, ethically-made item.

$230 here

4. Tilt’s Unique Jewels

South Africa-based label, Tilt create with indigenous materials and with SA culture in mind – a combination that results in interesting and unique pieces worth showing off.


We love the detailed silver pieces, but take a look at some others and enquire about prices here.

5. Ami Shah’s Kenyan Keepsakes

Kenya-based jewellery maker, Ami Shah’s designs are jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and just the sort of things you’ll keep forever and always impress with.

The "Fluff" necklace
The “Fluff” necklace

Iami's "Hot Seat" ring
Iami’s “Hot Seat” ring

The exquisite pieces by Shah’s label, Iami range from necklaces and rings to tough-wearing cuffs that are combined by all sorts of materials – including dyed coral shards, oxidised copper, brass and rose quartz.

There simply isn’t a piece we haven’t fallen for, but the “Hot Seat” ring, “Fluff” necklace and “Moving Mountains” bangle are especially favourites.

"Moving Mountains" bangle with black tourmaline
“Moving Mountains” bangle with black tourmaline

Browse and enquire here and see if a piece doesn’t move mountains between you and your Valentine. 

6. Yemi Alade’s Cool Bland 2 Glam Collaboration

In a collaboration between singer Yemi Alade and Lagos-based jewellery brand by Seyi Banigbe, Bland 2 Glam we find some fun things to add to one’s jewellery box, designed by Ms Alade.

The Kingpin earrings
The “Kingpin” earrings

We love the sweet, kissing faces of the “Kingpin” earrings (N6,500 here) and the “Afropolitan” set (N5,500 here) in particular, but whatever you gift your goddess with from the costume jewellery line, we’re sure she’s going to like it.

The "Afropolitan" earrings
The “Afropolitan” earrings

Browse the full “Yemi Alade” collection with Bland 2 Glam here.

7. Resonate by Amy’s Storytellers

Resoate by Amy is a South African label by jewellery maker, Amy Sinovich.


The talent creates beautiful, bespoke accessories that she dubs “wearable art”; rings and bracelets that come embedded with poetry and pretty sayings – all created to “deeply reflect” whatever the person who commissioned the piece wanted to say.


Have something you want to tell your better half? Resonate by Amy will help you say it with jewellery.

Enquire here.

8. Nyumbani Design’s Wooden Wonders

Nyumbani Design by Kerry Glanfield is a Tanzanian-based brand inspired by “the beauty and colours of the Swahili coast.”

Named with the Swahili word for “home” the brand handcrafts its jewellery from locally sourced wood, with each piece therefore baring a unique signature, along with the label’s imaginative designs.

The "Pembetatu Ring" by Nyumbani
The “Pembetatu Ring” by Nyumbani

There are plenty of ranges to pick from, all fusing a love of geometric shape and modernity – and with Nyumbani having partnered with organisation Trees for the Future, every piece sold will see a seed planted to restore and support the plantation of trees within rural communities in the developing world. So if the recipient is into giving back and loving the planet, they’ll surely love a pice from this brand.

Team SPICE love the “Parapanda” ring in coconut wood (KShs 2,600 here) – the perfect little gift to surprise your tigress with.

Nyumbani Design Parapanda Coconut Wood Ring


9. Pichulik’s Statement Items

South African jeweller Katherine-Mary Pichulik designs for “courageous women”, making handmade pieces inspired by African and Middle Eastern ornamentation, from her studio in Cape Town.

The resulting ranges are of statement items that can’t be ignored – most created with recycled brass and rope detailing for an urban-meets-luxe look.

Our favourites from the Spring/Summer’16 range are the “Curtain Ponte Dera” necklace (€79 here) and the “Collage Earrings” (€49 here).


Browse the e-store for your love’s special new piece.

10. Tebazile Jewelry’s Precious Pieces

LA-based brand, Tebazile hand-crafts timeless pieces from precious materials like Carnelian, Onyx and Turquoise, split into four lines named “Deco”, “Bubbles”, “Sheba” and “Serendipity”.


Designer Elizabeth Dankaro’s designs have been worn by top names like Janet Jackson, Halle Berry, Paris Hilton and Thandie Newton, and highlights include gold-filled and sterling silver creations like this geometric necklace; this silver “crumpled paper” effect ring; and the webbed “Cheddar” silver and pearl cuff.

WR011412 WN011405

Head to the site to search for your gift and then order via the ‘How to Buy’ page here.

Show us the jewellery you’ll be gifting your Valentine with, online by tagging us @SPICETVAFRICA.

Image source:,, @Resonatebyamy,,,,,, @Amidoshishah,

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