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#Tuesday10: Most Stylish Nigerian Designers

As we round down a month thinking all things ‘Fashion,’ Paris Fashion Week begins and we the countdown to Lagos Fashion and Design Week next month, Team SPICE are considering the most stylish designers from our home of Nigeria – the ones we can’t wait to see, both on and off of the catwalk.

From Lisa Folawiyo’s ridiculously chic yet quirky personal wardrobe, to Bubu Ogisi’s fresh fashion sense, see below the 10 designers we think dress best – the most stylish Nigerian designers around.

1. Bridget Awosika


First up, we find ourselves longing for a wardrobe like Bridget Awosika’s – the talent behind the top label of the same name.


With her brand clearly geared at the fashion-forward, African woman, Ms Awosika makes sure her love for fashion and design shows through her personal style as well, whether that’s via her classic red carpet style or her bold and unique outfit choices which she is often seen wearing for nights on the town.


We at SPICE love seeing her in casual get up as much as we do her more sophisticated attire, with Ms Awosika’s sense of style showing off her toned and tiny frame as well as just how great her taste is.


2. Olakunbi Oyelese


At the crux of high fashion, it is no wonder Ms Oyelese’s brand, APRIL by Kunbi has been sported by some of the most stylish stars around the country, including Agbani Darego, Tiwa Savage and Eva.

KUNBI 1kunbi-mmr2014

But what puts Olakunbi on our list of most stylish designers is her ability to pull off statement looks time and again, with her publicity shots looking just as well-fashioned as her red carpet looks.


In general, her style serves to show how important it is to consider your look, head to toe – that every part of your outfit matters.

3. Bubu Ogisi


She may still be paving her way onto some of your fashion radars with her brand, Iamisigo, but there is a reason Bubu Ogisi is one of the most sought after designers amongst the most stylish personalities at the moment.


Not only are Bubu’s designs unique and at the cusp of what’s trending, but her personal wardrobe is forever on fire – which is no wonder, seeing as she is also a top stylist to the stars.


We love Ms Ogisi’s flirty, fresh and fun style, with the talent blending edge, minimalism, comfort and eccentricity to her looks, and always for a unique sense of individuality that we wish we too could have.


4. Lisa Folawiyo


Obviously, Ms Folawiyo made our list – like, have you seen her?

The top label owner and new name on Business of Fashion’s 500 List (more on that, here) stays forever slaying, whether she’s merely popping out for a spot of shopping or stepping to a top event.

lisa4 lisa3

If there is one word to describe Lisa Folawiyo, it is most certainly “elegant,” but with the designer loving to clash prints, rock colours, textures and embellishes too, we’d need a whole dictionary to sum her style up.

lisa lisa5

Definitely our modern style icon, Ms Folawiyo is one to follow on Instagram and drool over on the daily.


5. Adebayo Oke-Lawal


Style is an expedition and if there is any male fashion designer in Nigeria who is not hesistant to swerve off the beaten sartorial path, it is most definitely Adebayo Oke-Lawal of Orange Culture.

bayo2 Adebayo-Oke-Lawal

Having been on the scene for a few years, the talent has been praised by major international publications and shortlisted for Vogue Italia’s ‘Scouting for Africa’ as well as for the LVMH 2014 Young Fashion Designer Prize (more on that, here) – and never looks out of place rubbing shoulders amongst the fash pack, for he arrives ready to out-dress them.

bayo5 bayo3

A style king in the making, Bayo is surely the suavest among his peers and has proved he can pull off just about any look or accessory one might throw his way. 


7. Yvonne Nwosu


A inspiration for many Nigerian women, Yvonne Nwosu – a socialite and the creative director of Vonne Couture – has perfected the art of taking fashion risks, the right way and remains stylish whenever she steps out.


Almost always a step ahead in fact, Yvonne commits to looks she likes and knows how to tailor them to fit not only her personal style, but her physique too – the secret to staying on point with one’s style.


If there’s one memorable thing to say about Yvonne Nwosu’s wardrobe though, it’s that she favours a sense of eclecticism – which also happens to be the reason we have her down as one of our favourite stylish designers. 


7. Wana Sambo


Leather, lace, jeans, headbands, leg warmers, miniskirts, jog pants, leggings… You name it and Wana Sambo will have made it look good.

Always one to bring a playful edge to fashion – whether it’s through her self-titled label or her own closet – Ms Sambo has rocked every sort of look out there and nailed it.

wana2 wana

Effortlessly chic for someone who has so much fun when getting dressed, Wana is one to take inspiration from when pulling your next ensemble together and we can’t wait to see what she brings to the catwalk when Lagos Fashion and Design Week hits the ramps next month…



8. Lanre Da Silva-Ajayi


Lanre Da Silva-Ajayi is not only not only killing the fashion game, but has buried it – what with her amazing, unstoppable label LDA and her own personal wardrobe, too.


A fashion favorite among the media, celebrities and fashion lovers, the talent just knows how to take a classic look and make it all her own.

Fayrouz_L_Original_2_Grand_Finale_Lanre_Da_Silva 11821087_512850648872878_658235134_n

Her ability to combine traditionally-infused pieces with the soft femininity of lace and other fabrics is totally unique, and we love seeing her genius unfold, both on her models and on herself.


9. Temitayo Nathan


Another super stylish male designer for our list is Temitayo Nathan of T.I Nathan.


Always dressed looking super fresh, this young creative knows how to work cut and colour to T and never disappoints when it comes to wearing clothes well.



Favouring a slim sihlouette and a suit jacket for most of his ensembles, Mr Nathan and his label exist to show guys just how good one can look when they bring a blazer into play – even if you plan on wearing it with sliders or a pair of kicks.



10. Funke Adepoju


And last but not least, it’s Funke Adepujo, the brain behind label Phunk Afrique, who is always flossing with her personal fashion.

Regularly rocking pieces from her own collection, the designer loves bold colour, print and texture and makes us love it too, showing off her gorgeous physique in items we wish we had for our own wardrobe.

funke3 funke4

Whether she’s heading to the red carpet, to a wedding or running errands for her ever-growing business, Ms Adepoju makes sure to do it in style, and to stop and show it all off via her instagram page too, which by the way, is well worth a follow.


But are there any well-dressed designers we missed from our list? Tell us your most stylish designers in the comments box below or online @SPICETVAFRICA.

Image source:, @Orangecultureng, @Lisafolawiyo,,,,,,,,,,,,, 

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