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#Tuesday10: Questions We’re Left With Since the 2015 Grammys

The 2015 Grammy Awards came and went, and didn’t disappoint (have you seen our Style Special, here?), but as ever, there were some celebs that came out with some surprises up their sleeves and left us with more than a few questions…

Below is just a few of the things that had us wondering what Hollywood’s stylists, makeup artists and their star clients were thinking – read them here in our list of questions we’ve been asking since we watched the Grammys but if you’ve any answers, do let us know in the comments or on Twitter via @SPICETVAFRICA;


1. Where Were All the Bras at?

From Nicki Minaj’s ‘Little Nickies’ to Ashanti’s ta-tas and Lady Gaga’s ‘lady lumps’ all dying to burst out of their dresses, it seems that, to be red carpet-ready, you need to leave your bra at home.

Ashanti’s cleavage playing hide and seek, poorly…

…And even Queen Bey was seen with her ‘twincesses’ on show

And, while every women out there breathes a sigh of relief at the green card to let their girls loose (bras: not the most comfortable), guys are busy doing an entirely different breathing exercise at the thought of the look catching on.

We thinks though, you’ll not catch the trend anywhere but on the red carpet, so best get yourself on the good guest list if you’re looking for a place to show your goodies.


2. Pharrell’s Wife, Helen Lasichanh’s Jumpsuit – Do We Like or Loathe it?

Usually on point with her quirky red carpet appearances, this look from Pharrell’s Wife, Helen Lasichanh had us a slightly bemused – like, do we loathe this or …do we actually, kinda like it?

We mean, imagine your other half has an invite and a plus one to the biggest party in town, where all his friends are going to be, having a great time till the early hours, but you’re not in the mood having had the world’s worst week; it’s been a bad day at work, you’ve not washed your hair and worst still, you’ve nothing to wear.

…In fact, you just want to head home, lie low and chill in your onesy.

GRAMMY Awards 2015

But hold up – no need to be a party pooper and stay home after all; you can compromise and go out in the onesy! Just add heels and tell your guy to put on a pair of shorts (he can’t go too dressy when you’re going casual), et voila – he gets a night on the town with you by his side, and you can just roll into bed when you get home, already inside your pjs. #Perfect.

Not sure about the look for the red carpet Ms Lasichanh, but we certainly like how you think.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 12.49.31

3. Was Kanye Hiding His Outfit in the Dark?

While on the subject of lazy dressing, we need to talk about Kanye’s tracksuit – the one he wore for his solo performance of “Only One,” sang in the dark, in front of a smoking barrell. And no, we don’t mean that of a recently fired weapon, though someone might want to shoot his stylist because what he wore was just not stage ready at all…


Thoughts are, perhaps ‘Ye knew this and decided, “%£@! it, I’ll just go on in the dark,” because hiding under the very low lighting was a tracksuit that looked less than fresh – in fact, it looked pretty well worn and a far cry from the ridiculously sleek black suit he wore for the rest of the night.

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet
Mr West on the red carpet, looking super fly in all black

While Pharrell’s onesy fan wife may give Kanye’s lazy stage look the seal of approval, we at SPICE aren’t awarding any points for his performance attire – especially not when we’re talking about someone who spends his time starring in menswear campaigns for Balmain (read about that, here).

But, then again, perhaps Mr West is so forward-thinking (he does claim he invented the leather jogger) that perhaps we’ve looked at he and his hotty wife, Kim’s Grammys look all wrong – it’s not house bound or better served for wearing in the dark… it’s ‘bedroom chic.’

…Best we grab our own sparkly dressing gown or sagging pair of sweats and get involved, then.


4. Charli XCX’s Look… Wait, What?

Charli XCX wore an ’80s-inspired look from Moschino, which consisted of a shiny, pale pink tux and fur slouched about the arms. Question is: why?


We quite like seeing the star in her signature, ‘young rebel with badass wardrobe and attitude to match’ type of swagger, but this ensemble just didn’t sit well with us, or on her body, with the pants looking too long (and not in a cool, J.W Anderson Pre-Fall’15 sort of way – as seen here) as well as a little akward around the crotch…

We love Jeremy Scott’s way with clothing and we liked this look when we saw it walk the runway, but on the red carpet this came off kinda costume-y and so it was an epic fail from Ms XCX – one of XXL proportions…


5. Which Shade Did We Love More on Prince?

And from XXL proportions to petite ones, have we told you that we love Prince? And his dress sense? The guy’s wardrobe is always on point – proven by the fact he’s been rocking the two piece, tunic-and-trouser look for at least 10 years now, when you’re only just discovering the trend for Spring/Summer’15…

A look from Suno's Spring/Summer'15 collection
A look from Suno’s Spring/Summer’15 collection

Anyway, while we know how we feel about the star in general, we can not decide which of the two shades we liked best on Prince at the Grammys – the peach he shimmered onto the stage with, or the one he threw in the direction of the police accused in the brutality crimes which took the lives of Michael Brown and Erik Garner last year, and started the world wide reaction campaign, Black Lives Matter.

Before announcing the winner of the ‘Record of the Year’ award, Prince said;

“Albums… remember those? “Like books and black lives, albums still matter.”


It’s close, but the hell-a-bitchy hue just really brings out his smile, so we guess we found our winner.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 13.18.31

6. Is Arianna Grandes’ Stylist Barbie?

Another petite and perfect star, Arianna Grande rocked her signature sleek, high pony, heels and tiny, shiny dress, and though we’ve certainly seen this look on the star before, on sight of her Grammys look, we got to feeling like we’d seen it all elsewhere too… Like on one of our girlhood besties: Barbie, who’s also fond of miniature, shiny things.


It could be by pure coincidence that they’re basically equal in their beauty, flawlessness and proportions, but thoughts are that the singer could well have met Barbs back in her Disney star days, before she launched her singing career, and has since borrowed some threads – or at least some tips – to base her look on some sort of ’90s, Intergalactic Barbie.


…Think about it.

We’re not saying we dislike it – in fact, Ms Grande is all kinds of cute. We’re just saying it would make sense if it was revealed Barbie or her pals at Mattel were on the starlet’s styling team.

If the perfect, plastic-looking shoe fits…


7. Madonna’s Look: Why was This OK?

Sometimes it’s best to deal with age gracefully and sometimes you just have to stop your nan in her tracks and show her a mirror. Where was Madonna’s official holder of things to show her the mirror before the Grammys?!

We’re not talking about her performance look, because amongst all that gyrating and riding bulls, she totally nailed it and left us breathless just watching her move, but her red carpet ensemble…. Not so much.


Just why would anyone care to put this outfit in front of a camera? It’s overly costume-y – especially from someone who was once so brilliant with her wardrobe that she could find actual costume remakes of her iconic looks in the same shop she bought this one.

And we’re not strictly being ‘ageist’ either when we say we don’t think it’s an appropriate look; anyone whose ass is hanging so low down their legs that they need a support strap to hold it up should be keeping that a secret and steering clear of outfits like this. The star’s track, “Hung Up” just got itself new meaning.


8. Who Was Toni Braxton Wedding?

R’n’b singer, Toni Braxton usually appears a stunner on the red carpet, with her sassy and sultry looks, which always work with her cool pixie crop.

On this occasion though, Ms Braxton seemed a tad bit confused, turning up in what looked more like a cross between a wedding dress and some sort of harness…

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 13.25.53

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 13.30.57

The all-white look featured a trailing, long, flowing skirt which swept the floor, presumably cleaning the way for the train-like detail to the back of the dress, and while she of course looked beautiful we can’t say the look wasn’t misplaced at this event.

Or was it Ms Braxton’s groom-to-be that had been misplaced… Or did we miss something else? #Confused.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 13.33.46

9. Joy Villa, Who Are You & What Happened Here?

We don’t know you or what you do, but we do know you attended the Grammys wearing something created from the type of plastic netting usually reserved for fencing off traffic. Or perhaps you’d been stranded naked in a building site, went for help and accidentally wandered onto the red carpet? The fascinator you fastened to your head says otherwise though…

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 13.33.12

Regardless, the details aren’t so important here as at the end of the day, you donned this. In public. What we are dying to figure out is… why?

Whatever the reason we just hope you had a good time at the event and collected a few cards of the many stylists that were also in attendance, though they might’ve been walking within a wide birth of you and your dress…


10. Who Did the All-White Cloak Best – Katy Perry or Queen Bey?

Lastly, it’s a simple case of being spoilt for choice in weird, white cape-wearing, with both Katy Perry and Beyonce caught in versions on stage at the Grammys.

Each singer rocked the look for an epic performance of vocal acrobatics, pairing their usual stage magic down to focus purely on their talent, and leaving us torn over who wore it best…

Katy Perry’s streamlined look

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show
Beyonce’s glittering mesh number

While we must admit we’re biased, being pure Beyhive residents and spied regularly bowing down to the many looks Queen Bey steps out in, there’s something about Katy’s ensemble that’s reminiscent of a look once worn by the only Knowles we’d cheat Bey for: Solange, who was spied in a Kenzo caped dress back in November,on her wedding day (check that out, here).

We at SPICE admired both Grammy singers’ way with the stage but have to give it Ms Perry’s sleeker aesthetic (sorry Bey, please don’t have us eliminated, illuminati style), though we can’t lie, we were a little underwhelmed altogether by the choice of style from both stars… We mean, a nightie for one of the most high profile events in music? Thank heavens there was a better turnout on the red carpet (see that here) or we’d be just about done thinking about the 2015 57th annual Grammy Awards…

Tell us what you think below or on Twitter @SPICETVAFRICA.

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