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#Tuesday10: Style Signs Nori Will NAIL Being a Big Sis to Kim & Kanye’s New Baby

With news of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s second child on the way, it seems our littlest style infatuation, North West is about to be a big sister.

And, while her effortless wardrobe has proved she’s a force to be reckoned with in fashion, we at SPICE think it might also be a good indication of how ready she is to take on big sis’ duties, too.

See below 10 stylish signs that baby North is going to slay at being a sibling…


1. North Has the ‘In’ When it Comes to Designer Labels

Right out of the womb, North Kardashian-West seemed to have designer garms on tap, with amazing gifts being sent left right and centre from the likes of Lanvin, Pheobe Philo, Givenchy and Alexander Wang.


And, with more top labels in her wardrobe than she can count (and not just because she is only 23 months old), this lucky little bae can either share her custom-made pieces with her new brother or sister, or at the very least introduce them to her peoples and provide the ultimate hook up.

Because surely that’s what big sisters are for…


2. Nori Knows How to Throw a Party

When you’re the child of a celeb couple so powerful, they are known by one single noun, “Kimye,” it’s only right you get turnt up on your birthday.

And what did little Nori do to mark her first year on Earth? She had festival-levels of celebrations with a bash called “Kidchella” – a party that rivalled Coachella itself, with teepees, a bouncy castle, big wheel and mini stages too.


Rocking gladiator sandals that climbed the leg, plus fringe details and a floral headdress, North and her ensemble proved she knows how to party (and dress) at epic levels, so naturally, she’ll be the type of sister any sibling would want to be seen with; good fun and a good dresser, too. #Goals.


3. North Can Kick it with the Guys 

Little brother on the way? Not a problem for Nori, because this little babe has been spied kicking it with the best of them – even rappers.


Known to rock a tomboy look as good as she can a girly one, the tot seems as comfortable slinging on a pair of sweats as she does rocking a tutu, and had no problem chilling (and falling asleep) while watching a game with daddy, ‘Ye – great prep for if her sibling turns out to be a boy.


4. North Does Girly Fun Like a Pro

Should the new Kardashian-West babe turn out to be a girl though, Nori is going to be the best teacher of all things girly, being well-versed in the art of cute, pretty details like butterflies, fur and (on occasions) pink.


North-Received-Pink-Patent-Leather-Dr-Martens-Boots-Valentine-Day North-Went-Stylish-Easter-Egg-Hunt-Her-Best-Friend-Ryan

From having her ears pierced as just a baby, to playing dress up with her cousin Penelope and bestie Ryan, North West knows how to do ‘girly’ well and any future little sister  of hers is in for a treat – especially considering point number one on our list (see above).

Balenciaga show, Spring Summer 2015, Paris Fashion Week, France - 24 Sep 2014
5. Nori’s a Supportive Family Member

Boy or girl, it seems style icon North will be a terrifically supportive big sis’, considering all the support she’s shown for her Dad so far.

Being spied in several garments that shout about Mr West’s “Yeezy” tour, little West was also one of the first to wear items from his debut Adidas collection, with the World going mad for this tiny bullet proof vest from the line.


If this isn’t proof that Nori will be a truly supportive sister to her new family member, it’s at least a good indication that this girl wears her heart (or who’s in it) literally on her sleeve – the kind of quality any sibling could look up to.


6. North Isn’t Afriad to Go Matchy-Matchy 

Often, Nori has been caught doing the matchy-matchy thing with her Mother, Kim, playing the part of mini-me to a stylish tee.


She’s also been known to match with her cousin, Penelope Disick, as exampled here in his snap from Halloween;


Thus, when her new sibling is dressed in matching  black (or in what siblings usually dread: the exact same outfit), clearly North isn’t going to bat an eyelid – a quality we at SPICE wish we had when our Mums had us ‘twinning’ with our brothers and sisters.


7. Nori Knows How to Get Tough

For her first Paris Fashion Week, Ms Kardashian-West Junior took on a statement biker-inspired look, proving her tough side with a leather jacket (complete with chains) and leather leggings in her staple hue: black.

Another of Nori’s outfits (shared on Instagram by her Mother, Kim) sees edgy studs giving attitude to the hemline of her Alexander Wang skirt and socks;


While her good looks have always had us saying “n’awww,” ‘fits like these show a tough side to the tot too, so there’ll be no school yard bullying of North’s little bro’ or sis’ – not on Nori’s stylish watch…


8. North Knows How to Adapt to Her Surrounds

Not one to let herself (or her wardrobe) be phased by a change in surroundings, Nori’s stays fleekly with her fashion attitude – like always.

Take her trip to London, where little Nori channelled the city’s signature grunge vibe, making sure to be seen in her chunky Dr Marten boots – the burgundy kind, because black is for basic babies.


Pairing her thick-soled kicks with a top knot (and a grumpy “keep it moving” face), Nori nailed British style and even managed to outshine ‘Grandmomager,’ Kris Jenner.

With a big sister like that, there’ll be no slowing the new Kardashian clan member’s roll.


9. North Knows How to Hold Her Own

From standing out alongside stars like Nicki Minaj and Zoe Kravitz, to rocking the Frow besides top editors and fashion industry legends, North West is always dressed with major “I’m under 5 and can compete with your wardrobe” vibes.


Looking chic with a set of leg warmers that match those in her Dad’s debut Adidas collection, Nori ran the Frow at Kanye West’s New York City showcase (which you can read about here), and with every other visit to the front row has cemented her wardrobe as one worth watching – and looking up to (no matter your age…).


10. North Likes to Play in Pairs

When you’re the daughter of the World’s biggest celebrity couple, you do what you want – and for North-West, that’s clearly ballet.


But referencing the 2010 hit film, Black Swan, little Nori recently tag-teamed her cousin to work the theme as a duo, showing she clearly loves to play as a pair and isn’t afraid to let her shine highlight her peers’ either – great news for Kardashian-West Junior number two, who no doubt won’t leave Nori’s side.

But what do you think of Nori’s wardrobe or the news of Kim and Kanye’s baby on the way? Let us know in the comments box or online @SPICETVAFRICA.

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