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#Tuesday10: Stylish Stars Who are Upstaged by their Mum!

As we edge out of March and a month thinking all things ‘mother’, and creep closer to Easer this weekend, Team SPICE are thinking about stylish stars and their hatchlings – those who’ve birthed children that are just as fashion-forward as they are, but haven’t yet stepped out of their parents’ sartorial shadow.

Here we look at 10 very stylish celebs on our wardrobe radar; the best-dressed mothers who continue to upstage their ‘It’ kids…

1. Zoë Kravitz & Lisa Bonet


Stunning mother-daughter duo Lisa Bonet and Zoë Kravitz are a sight for any sort of eyes – Zoe having been in the limelight for a few years now, following her success as an actress, and the pair recently working as co-models, having scored Calvin Klein’s Spring/Summer’16 ad campaign together.



With both stars unbelievably beautiful, Lenny Kravitz’s wife and daughter could certainly pass for sisters despite their 21-year age difference. But, with Lisa Bonet’s banging body – best known for her role as Denise Huxtable–Kendall on the NBC’s sitcom, The Cosby Show – it’s she who remains the lead in this relationship, with a wardrobe that respectfully competes with her designer-clad daughter’s.

2. North West & Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and North West seen arriving at Kanye West Yeezy Season 2 during Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week

Of course, Miss North West is be on every list of most stylish tots going, but there’s no mistaking where the little fashionista gets her fabulous sense of style or good looks.


The big sister to baby Saint West, who just recently tested her MUA skills on her kitty cat, certainly has a long way to go before she catches up to her mum’s megastardom, with it being pretty clear that most of her ensembles are inspired by Kim’s (or her dad, Kanye’s).



For now, we have to give Kim the crown over Nori, what with all her fashion feats including a childrenswear brand and being the muse for Olivier Rouesteign, but something tells us this aint over – just wait till North is big enough to start pulling her own looks together…

3. Omotola & Meriah Jalade


Who knew Nollywood star Omotola Jalade Ekeinde’s second daughter was all grown up already? And, while she may only be 17 years old, Meriah is definitely following in her mum’s fashionable footsteps, having made a stunning red carpet wing woman for her silver screen mum at the 2015 Aquafina Elite Model event, where she totally stole the spotlight.


The teen also landed an endorsement deal with Knorr alongside her mother, which earned her a cool fee amounting in millions, but though she may have started earlier than her A-list parent (who got her first movie role at the age of 17), Meriah still has a long way to go in catching up with the diva, who was honoured in Time Magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World alongside Michelle Obama, Beyoncé and Kate Middleton.


We can’t wait to see how her career unfolds though, whatever she ultimately ends up doing.

4. Sacha & Malia Obama Vs Michelle Obama

Malia Obama, Sasha Obama, and First lady Michelle Obama listen a

The US President’s wife, Michelle Obama is not just The First Lady of the United States, she is certainly the first lady in her home, too – regularly stepping out in the best of ensembles that should make America proud.

Michelle Obama Presented With Official White House Christmas Tree 1-38

Despite the fact her two beautiful girls also stand tall as fashion inspiration to stylish teens around the world, it’s Michelle Obama who remains the true focus of their family pics, and is certainly an icon in the family (sometimes even overshadowing her hubby’s endeavours!).


And don’t just take our word for Mrs Obama’s amazing sense of style, as she has also covered a number of top magazines, including Vogue. 

5. Willow Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith


Will Smith’s leading ladies, Willow Smith and Jada Pinkett have proven to be quite the duo, with both family members wielding success in their crafts and in style.


While Willow started topping the charts at a mere nine years old, she hasn’t faltered since – just recently being named as the new face of Chanel. And her mother? Well Jada remains equally as significant with her impressive background in film, music and controversial videos… as well as with her sartorial endeavours.


For us, Mother Smith still has the edge, with Willow showing an experimental outlook when it comes to clothes that seems soon to blossom fully – but no doubt she’ll soon overtake her mum, whether that’s by taking cues from legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld during her ambassadorship at Chanel, or by listening to her brother Jaden’s fashion-forward styling tips…

6. Toyin Lawani & Daughter Tiannah


CEO of the fashion outfit TiannahStyling, Toyin Lawani is one who continues to keep our attention with her fast and fun fashion which is hardly of wall flower category.


And, usually seen following her footsteps close by, Toyin’s 10-year-old daughter Tiannah also appears relentless in pulling together an array of ever-changing looks.


The mother-daughter duo has rocked many matching combinations, but cute as Tiannah may be, for now her mum has the reigns and almost always steals the show – something that may come to an end when Toyin decides to pass the torch and maybe hand over the empire she’s building in her daughter’s name. 

7. Tracee Ellis Ross & Diana Ross


Aside from being well known for starring role in the hit series Blackish, Tracee Ellis-Ross, the second daughter of music legend Diana Ross, has worked in the fashion industry both as a model and as fashion editor to Mirabella and New York Magazine.

US-ENT-AMERICAN  MUSIC AWARDS-ARRIVALS tracee-ellis-ross-diana-ross-on-stage-SOURCE

She has also had moments working in music – most recently in Las Vegas when her mother called her up to the stage to sing alongside her.

However, despite all her accomplishments and having a wardrobe that’s to die for, Tracee is still a long way from filling the shoes of her superstar mum who, according to the 1993 Guinness Book of World Records, is the most successful female music artist in history – and according to us, still has one of the most spectacular wardrobes, heads of hair, cheekbones and set of limbs out there.



8. Zina Anumudu & Nkiru Anumudu


Style blogger and event host, Zina Anumudu has clearly inherited the fashion and style genes from her mum Nkiru Anumudu, who is acknowledged as one of Nigeria’s most expensively-dressed women.



The pair have been seen on several red carpets, putting on an effortlessly stylish display, and while she’s equally as chic and sophisticated – qualities that seem to run in the family – it’s clear that for now Anumudu Senior has the upper hand with her confident sense of fashion.


And apparently it’s not just her daughter she’s overshadowing with her rich taste in clothes – it’s everyone else in Nigeria too, with Anumudu rumoured to have the most Hermes bags in the country!

9. Beyonce & Blue


Before she became a stylish mum, Beyonce was the daughter of one – the super-stylish Tina Lawson, who famously designs Bey’s onstage outifits.

It is therefore no wonder that her own daughter, Blue Ivy is fast following in her footsteps too, with the little fashionista having been seen wearing the most sought-after pieces and often matching her mum’s.



No doubt Queen Bey is an extraordinary mother who’s difficult for any woman, least not her daughter, to ‘top’ in the singing/dancing/acting/megastar genre, and although she tends to keep her young daughter out of the public glare, we got a taste of how Blue might fare one day, with her cameo in the video to  “Formation”.


Of course, Ms Blue was an absolute natural in front of the lens, but she still has miles before she catches up with to her superstar mum, so for now is quite comfortable in the shadow cast by Beyonce’s protective wing.

10. Grace Jones & Paulo Goude


And last but by no means least, we come to the iconic Grace Jones – a star with a reputation that dates back to the early ’80s.

Still touring and remaining as one of the most transgressive stars of all time, Ms Jones continues to offer a bold example of what it means to be ‘free’ – the Jamaican singer, lyricist, supermodel, producer and actress having landed the covers of many top mags including SternPravda and Vogue, and making news wherever she goes – either with her rebellious onstage ensembles (or lack there of) or with her controversial comments about fellow stars like Lady Gaga.


One person she holds dear to her heart is her son, Paulo Goude, who’s currently one-third of the band Trybez and who recently featured as a supporting act on Grace’s “Hurricane” tour.

He’s handsome, clearly talented and has one of the world’s most inspiring personalities to draw from, but for now – despite her advanced age – Grace Jones remains firmly in the spotlight, in fashion, music and iconship, too.

But what do you think? Are there more mother-daughter or mother-and-son duos out there, competing for our attention? Tell us which stylish mothers you think over shine their children, below in the comments box or online @SPICETVAFRICA.

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