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#Tuesday10: The Hottest Hotels to Stay in This Summer

While Team SPICE is thinking all things ‘Heat’ this month on the site, we’ve secretly been thinking about seeking it this Summer, and where the most luxurious places under the sun are hiding.

Hence, below is our list of the hottest hotels to holiday in – from Thailand to Morocco, New Zealand and beyond… Check them out and see if it doesn’t have you itching to escape.


1. Six Senses, Qing Cheng Mountain, China.

Whoa. This is a hotel worth emptying your account for.

The Six Senses of Qing Cheng Mountain in China is a thing of beauty, that’s so hot, it hasn’t even opened yet but has all the top travel junkies thirsty for a stay there.

640x450_main_entrance 640x450_moon_bar panda

Breath-taking grounds and hints that it may even possess its own Panda should entice you, and if you get through its doors after its expected Summer’15 opening, you’ll have all the best names in travel turning the hotel’s theme shade: green.

the brando

2. The Brando, Tetiaroa, French Polynesia

Again, whoa. This is definitely the place to soak up some sun and have a great time looking hot by the sea.

The Brando – set 30 miles from Tahiti on a reef owned privately by Marlon Brando, by the way – boasts 35 thatched-roof villas with their own plunge pools, and rooms that look out into the sea.

three-bedroom-villas the-resort-1

Wow on all levels and well worth booking for the plunge pool selfies alone.


3. Cocoa Island by Como, Maldives

We’re already fanning ourselves at the mere thought of staying in one of Como’s luxury hotels in the Maldives.

Stretched out into a sea that simply couldn’t get more crystal if your tried, this beautiful nestling of villas make for the epitome of exotic escapes, and one we’d kill for, quite frankly.

out in

Stay here and you’ll never feel the same way about any other place you’ve slept in again – including your own bed.


4. Edition Hotel, Miami, USA

Sat at the heart of Miami Beach in The States, on 3.5 acres of private shoreline, the Edition Hotel is an elegant and jaw-dropping boutique hotel that one must simply stay in   – some way, somehow… Just make it work.

2 6 4La-Vista-Terrace-Evening-Wedding-1870x14004

There’s option of a delicious beach view or city view, plus lots of luxe spaces to relax in with many making this the place to get wed. And, with sights like this, we can’t blame anyone for falling in love with this place – heck, we’d marry the hotel itself for a chance to dwell there.


5. Keemala Hotel, Phuket, Thailand

This one-of-a-kind get away is definitely on our bucket list, baring on of the most unique settings for one’s Summertime escape.

Bird’s nest-style huts, designed to recall mythical early Phuket settler’s living quarters make up the Keemala Hotel, with the whole venue woven around woodland, streams and waterfalls.

villas1-slide-6 villas3-slide-8

Each of the 38 villas come equipt with its own private pool but we at SPICE reckon it’s worth taking a dip in the common pool or frequenting in one of the hotel’s three restaurants for a chance to show off your best “look at me, staying in this lavish, unique hotel” face.

…We would.


6. Sant Francesc Singular, Palma Mallorca, Spain

This exquisite 5-star hotel is a thing of dreams, if design is your passion, with Sant Francesc and its rooms created by a team of top architects, interior designers and landscape architects for visual bliss.

restaurant-hotel-sant-francesc-mallorca-piscina suite-lujo-sant-francesc-hotel-boutique-palma-mallorca-2

Works by well known artists like Stephen Burks, Gordon Guillaumier and Paola Lenti line the walls, though if window gazing’s your thing there’s the hotel garden and Sant Francasc Square to look down onto, though – since the hotel is situated in the heart of Palma Mallora, you’ll probably head out to explore, should you be able to tear yourself away from your suite, anyway.


7. Hotel Sahari, Fez, Morocco

Can we tempt you to a stay at Hotel Sahari? We are certainly tempted ourselves.

Super stylist and near topping this hot list, this venue is in the lap of luxury, what with its floor-to-ceiling bedroom windows, marble bathrooms and an actual Givenchy spa (the first to hit North Africa).

aa bb

This is the place to be if elegance is your thing and if it isn’t, we wouldn’t blame you if you suddenly find yourself pretending.


8. Anantara Tangalle Peace Haven Resort, Sri Lanka

The Anantara Tangalle Peace Haven Resort is a luxurious hub, hidden on a stretch of Sri Lanka’s southern coast.

Set inside a 42 acre coconut plantation, the tranquil venue provides brilliant views of the Indian Ocean and a chance to catch whales umping waves, take yoga on its golden beach, play tennis or enjoy its spa. Whatever takes your fancy.

Anantara_Tangalle_Garden_Pool_Villa-ATAN_2772 Anantara_Tangalle_Beach_Pool_Villa_Specific_room_page-ATAN_2774 Anantara_Tangalle_Spa_reception-ATAN_2783

For us at SPICE, it’s more than the range of activities on offer (and did we mention, it has a kid’s club, to give adults a little freedom, too?) but look of the place. In fact, we’ve a pic of one of the Tangalle Anantara’s 152 rooms set as our desktop background for Summer escape-planning inspiration…



9. Aro Ha Wellness Retreat, New Zealand

With a name that translates to “In the presence of divine breath,” the Aro Ha in New Zealand is the place to be if you’re looking for more than just somewhere to relax, but somewhere to achieve inner peace.

With careful attention given to your health, diet and overall well-being, the breathtaking views of Lake Wakatipu can’t be ignore, and nor can the hotel’s Zen-inspired luxury.

Aroha-room-1024x683 PassivHaus-buildings-1024x683 spa-at-Aroha-1024x683

As well as promising a great place to heal, refresh and unwind, with its roster of wellness activities and outdoorsy adventures, you’ll likely come back looking hotter than ever, too.



10. Soho House, Istanbul, Turkey

The largest in its family chain, Soho House in Istanbul is a diamond situated within the Beyoglu area, boasting 87 rooms and two rooftop pools.

As well as having a fitness centre and spa to while the hours away in, the luxury hotel boasts all sorts of sizes of rooms, so whether it’s a spacious mezzanine or a “tiny” room one requires, you can select any of the 11 room types to you preference.

_DSC2704_resize Copyright_SohoHouseIstanbul_O5

The playroom, with it double-height ceilings, super king-size bed, open bathroom and fireplace though? That sounds like our sort of room.

Got a better place in mind to book this Summer? Let us know the hotels on your most hottest list, online @SPICETVAFRICA.

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