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#Tuesday10: The Most Stylish Movers Around

We know most of our favourite stars for their vocal or lyrical talent, but the real question is, how many of them can actually bust a move?

Well, while Team SPICE are busy thinking all things ‘Movement’ this month on the site, we’ve narrowed down to the 10 best celebrity movers out there  – the stars that know how to throw it down on the dance floor, and the music videos where they proved it in style.

See below our list of the best celebrity movers and they’re slick music videos, including stars like Beyoncé, PSquare, Olamide and more…

1. Beyonce in “7/11”


It is no secret that Queen Bey is at her best when it comes to dancing to her own songs, with the certified diva recently blessed with her own hashtag meme, #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat, showing that not only is she a #Flawless mover, but hers can even fit in with another song in existence.

But back on her own music, Beyonce stays slaying, and especially in her video for “7/11” which went viral the moment it was released (see what we learnt from it, here). In the playful video, the bootylicious singer dances for a fisheyes camera, wearing kneepads on a balcony, before taking the party inside and getting weirder still – revealing that bae can wear the whackiest ensembles and make them look fly with her choreography.


2. Chris Brown in “Loyal”


‘Breezy’ is a lot of things, but one thing we can all agree on is that he is an amazing performer. Like, dude has moves for days!

And not only are Chris Brown’s dance moves unique and leaving him set apart from other artists, including Usher and Michael Jackson, the singer’s combination of style and movement constantly has us hooked.

Last year’s standout hit “Loyal” features a flashy closing dance scene that shows a fun side to Chris as he sports plaid, jeans and a leather jacket and pair of Timberland boots. Could anyone else make that ensemble look so dope for getting down in?


3. Psquare in “Personally”


There is no doubt that the Nigerian R&B duo P-Square are Africa’s foremost talents when it comes to dancing, and their video for “Personally,” which they dedicated their mentor -the legendary King Of Pop – showcases their dance talent like never before.

The routines flow seamlessly from cha-cha, to street and dirty dancing, to MJ-inspired branch-offs, and all in a style that’s signature to the talented twins. The video was nominated for Most Gifted Dance at 2014 Channel O Music Video Awards and Best international Performace at the Soul Train Music Awards – and we need not explain why.


4. Ciara in “I Bet”


So Ciara’s lithe dancer’s body pretty much says it all. The American singer, often referred to as ‘The Undisputed Queen of Dance’ has had her dance moves pitched against Beyonce’s one too many time (by fans mostly), but her recent video for track “I Bet”  – which by the way has to be 2015’s best breakup anthem so far – showcases some of the year’s best choreography so far, too.

The Harmony Samuels-produced song was inspired by CiCi’s breakup with Future, and is the first single off her sixth album Jackie, which is named after her mother. In the video, the Grammy winner dons ballerina flats, a white leotard and even goes topless while showing off her post-baby body, and leaving us in awe at how well she moves across the floor while holding it down theme-wise with her wardrobe.


5. Usher in “Good Kisser”


So Usher has been making music for over two decades now and is know as one of the greatest dancers in the music business. With his latest video for single “Good Kisser,” the artist displays a set of moves that are even hotter than the name of the record he himself.

Throughout the video, Usher’s shows off his signature dance moves while moonwalking his way through the sultry song, and forgetting fashion for a moment, he has us melt while he’s seen drumming, shirtless. Tell us you don’t like what you see.


6. Yemi Alade in “Johnny”


A smash hit song across Africa released 2014, “Johnny” was directed by Africa’s top director Clarence Peters and stars ace comedian Bovi, Big Brother Africa’s screen diva Beverly Osu, Nollywood’s heartthrob Alex Ekubo, afro-pop acts Saeon and Ajemina, as well as cameos from Dil, Selebobo and more.

The video, which features praise-worthy Nigerian dance moves is equally as popular, and the style with which Yemi Alade executes her moves does not only make the video all the more interesting, but certifies her as a great stepper, too. Plus, the dance moves are so adulated they have even been cheorographed by other groups around the continent!


7. Janet Jackson in “Rythmn Nation”


Revered for her spectacular dance moves, Ms. Jackson always comes through when it comes to choreography, but also her edgy style.

The black-and-white, military-inspired “Rhythm Nation” video, directed by Dominic Sena in 1989 is one that sees Janet on our list for both her meticulously-controlled dance sequences, which have influenced performers like Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and more, as well as her cool decorated outfit, made up of a hat, boots and buttons.

So good, this video simply explains why 10-time nominee and four-time winner of the MTV Video Music Award for Best Choreography (a record actually), Janet Jackson is the greatest female dancer in pop music history.

8. Olamide in “Shakiti Bobo”


Popularly known by his stage name Olamide, this Nigerian Hip Hop artist from Bariga, Lagos State who records mostly in his native tongue, Yoruba, recently released the single “Shakiti Bobo,” which has been making huge waves in the industry.

Having also revolutionised dance in Nigeria by introducing the dance ‘Bobo,’ the current ‘It’ move in the country at the moment, Olamide made our list because we love the way he moves and how he’s basically re-styled dance floors across Nigeria.


9. Omarion in “Post to Be”


Former B2K singer, Omarion has always been known as a skilled dancer too, so it came at no surprise when in this new video for “Post to Be” he killed it with his freestyle moves.

The video sees Omarion moon walking alongside Chris Brown, but it’s his signature sort of swagger that has us listing him as one of the best celebrity movers around.


10. Fabregas Le Metis Noir in “Mascara”


This latest single by Fabregas – one of DRC’s biggest current stars, is produced by Congolese super group and national institution Wenge Musica Maison Mére – “Mascara” is a track with a memorable music video that comes complete with its own dance.

In it, Fabregas showcases moves that not only captures the masses but are certain to establish him as one of the biggest names on the African scene this year – have a look and tell us you won’t be trying to style out the choreography like he does.


And there you have it – the stars Team SPICE have on our most stylish movers list. But did we miss out your best celebrity dancer/dresser? Tell us in the comments box or online @SPICETVAFRICA.

Video & image source: Youtube.com, Makeagif.com

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