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#Tuesday10: Things We Learned About Festival Dressing from Celebs at This Year’s Coachella

Did you not make it to Coachella this weekend? Sucks to be you, but at least there’s lots of celebrity style pics to stalk, from which we at SPICE have learnt a thing or two.

From rebel Rihanna to models Jourdan Dunn and Chanel Iman, the celeb-spotting at the California festival’s first weekend proved that anyone who’s anyone got themselves a ticket, and that those who went, went in with their style.

See below the tips and tricks we’ve learnt on perfect festival-dressing, as taught by the stars;

amber rose

1. Do Go for Glamour

One of the few bodies in the world that could rival Kim Kardashian’s is Amber Rose’s, and the beauty didn’t disappoint in having her’s seen at the festival, though covered it up in a rather classy look, made of a maxi skirt and simple cold-shoulder top.

But, curvacious Ms Rose did show off her glamourous side by playing with an exotic print – one thatwould make Mr Cavalli proud – and her dark lips and silver choker? Well, the whole thing brought a fun and flamboyant vibe that almost upstaged her companion’s, which was pretty hard to beat, having been made of a beard, eyeliner and super sleek, waist-length weave.


2. Hot Out? Don’t Sweat It

Thinking of hitting Coachella next year? Note: it be hot out, but don’t let that stop you from wearing whatever you want – even if it is a giant, lilac fur coat a la Rihanna.

Rih, who took to the iHeartRadio stage via chopper just a few weeks ago in a similar look, in green, was spied rocking a long fur coat with clashing pink boots and purple lipstick on her pout. The star topped her fly ensemble off with a pair of shades and giant hoops, and if she was sweating, she hid it well.

zoe krav

3. Be Yourself

Boho, rebel bae, Zoe Kravitz brought her own sort of indie-cool to Coachella, rocking her signature thin braids to her waist, a pair of cool sunnies and a playsuit with black, chunky boots, plus a choker.

Proof that you need not go all out on the typical trappings of festival-wear (fringing, feather headresses and anything reminiscent of ’70s Woodstock), the daughter of Lenny Kravitz continued ignoring whatever it is the rest of the world thinks of her look, and rocked up in the type of garb you know she already had hanging in her wardrobe, and looking gorgeous too.

tyler the creator

4. Be Yourself, Even if You’re Nuts

So Tyler the Creator took to the stage at Coachella, entertaining the crowd in an ensemble that one might describe as ‘unusal.’

The Cherry Bomb rapper donned a weird pink alien mask that hid his face entirely, with its big buck teeth to boot, but – never one to be caught looking unfashionable – Mr Creator made sure the rest of his ensemble was down with the season’s matchy-matchy trend, co-ordinating his shirt with his shorts and his pink, bubbling face with a bracelet on his wrist. Clearly, it’s all in the details with this guy.

fka twigs

5. Go Big & Go Bold

If going E.T like Tyler isn’t for you, then why not go O.T.T, like queen of big, expressive style, FKA Twigs?

The newly-engaged (to Twilight star, Robert Pattinson) singer was spied on the stage in an overly flashy, sheer kaftan that caught the light, with the front covered in embellishment, matching the gems on her writst.

Bigger still though, were Ms Twigs’ brows, which were scribbled over and left looking wild, to the effect of nearly rivalling Tyler’s costume look above.

Just note, if you’re planning to hit the festival next year with going ‘big’ in mind, we’d suggest concentrating on your clothes, else you’ll certianly not be finding your own Robert Pattinson at Coachella. At least not with brows like that.

jasmine tookes

6. Stick with Festival Faves like Fringing

If you aren’t looking to be look overly unique and ‘individual’ (really, we think FKA Twigs has that down, so do something else) there’s no shame in sticking to tried and tested festival favourites, like fringe detail, denim, leather and flowing layers, which you can still quite easily make your own if you wish.

Take for example, the look model Jasmine Tookes took to Coachella – a cool, fringed and indie number that flattered her limbs and left her looking like a party-ready version of Pocohantas.

The beauty wore a dress with an asymetrical hemline, paired with black boots and a bag plus vintage-looking silverwear, and just like that, she stood out for her style and for not trying too hard. And you bet we’ll be trying desperately to recreate her look at the next festival we’re attending.


7. Show Some Skin but Not All

If you’re lucky, your festival frolicks will be conducted under the sun, during Summer, so by all calculations, it’ll be hot out (not that Rihanna noticed, as noted above).

Play snap with the temperature by showing some skin, but be careful not to show too much else you’ll end up looking a hot mess.

Instead, go the Chanel Iman route and keep your sexy well-portioned by adding a sexy brasserie we can see …some of. Or why not stick with an on-trend thigh high split via a maxi dress?

If you’re just too sexy for your own good though, you might need to balance that out, Tyler the Creator-style (as seen above in point 4).

j dunn

8. Experiment

Our Beauty Spot of last week, Ms Jourdan Dunn inspired us to get experimental with our look, debuting her grey-blue-dyed hair by Instagram (read about how to get the look at home, here) which she created especially for her weekend at Coachella.

From there out, it didn’t matter what else the model wore for her festival outing, as with that bold hue on her head, the rest of her look had our attention. Try a temporary colour in your hair for the same effect.


9. Keep Experimenting

Best thing about those temporary colours? They can change, adapt and evolve with you, meaning that you can keep ’em guessing over the hours or days you’ll spend at your festival.

And – true to her model nature – Ms Dunn proved how good at morphing into a new she is, by surprising us with an update on her blue locks and stepping out with purple hair for the last day at Coachella.

Do the same and relish the chance to get your chameleon on.

A video posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

10. Be Beyonce

As the modern adage goes, be yourself (see points 3 and 4), unless you can be Beyonce, in which case, definitely be Beyonce.

The star arrived ready to give us the best festival-dressing notes ever, teaching us that firstly, one should arrive in style – which for Beyonce means via private jet; Secondly, one should arrive festival-ready, but in true ‘I Woke Up Like This’ fashion, meaning something floaty and non-fussy, but ready to work the wind like it’s blowing for you only; and lastly, one should arrive with your photographer at the ready, because what’s the point of looking pulling together a #Flawless festival outfit if Instagram isn’t going to see it?

Now you’ve been schooled, do share your festival-ready ensembles with SPICE via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, tagging @SPICETVAFRICA – and if you’re heading to the second weekend of the festival, have fun making us jealous by tagging us in your pics from the desert.

Image source:,, @Beyonce

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