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#Tuesday10: Times Stars Got Overly-Sassed with their Style at the 2015 Billboard Awards

On Sunday 17th of May, some of our favourite stars attended the 2015 Billboard Music Awards – some (hello, Zendaya) dressed to kill and others so overly confident with their style that they kind of over shot the mark…

Think no one would have the sass to steal Beyonce’s Met Gala look just days after she donned it? Think again.

And see our list of the 10 most over-sassed moments at the 2015 Billboard Awards here below;


1. When Kanye West Was Too Hot To Handle

Kanye West – who is now a Doctor, having graduated from university just last week – brought the heat to the Billboard Awards’ stage with his fiery performance of “All Day.”

The rapper was so sassy with his pyrotechnics that actually, you barely saw him – ‘Ye being covered by a wall of raging sparks in clear ‘I’m too-hot-to-handle’ style.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.42.23

Storming the stage like some sort of super-duper firefly, Mr West’s set was pure fire – especially as there was also a sound problem leaving him pretty inaudible and the internet reacting like;

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.42.08

Invisible and unheard, we still think this is one of Kanye’s most sassy onstage moments yet. Not that he’ll ever top the time he made Taylor Swift cry, or any of his various 10 minute rants.

jlo Charbel Zoe Couture

2. When JLO Ripped Off Bey’s Rhinestones 

Popstar Jennifer Lopez arrived at the Billboards in a sparkling ensemble, leaving onlookers in awe of her figure and thinking that it seems like just yesterday we were talking about another star’s banging’ bod, spied on the red carpet in a sheer dress, covered only by rhinestones…

And while it wasn’t yesterday, it was just last week, when Beyonce wore a similar look to the 2015 Met Gala;

"China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala

The copy cat effect was a little less impactful than Queen Bey’s original outfit (probably because, well, Beyonce) but at least JLO didn’t have the sass to pull her hair into a high ponytail too, which would have made the source of her wardrobe inspiration way too obvious…


3. When Estelle Had the Sass to Show Us Her Spanx

British singer, Estelle has had some sort of hiatus from the uber limelight she acheived with her hit, “American Boy,” but came out of hibernation this weekend for the 2015 Billboard Awards, rocking a skintight, sheer gown and what looked like a pair of control pants.

The 2015 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals

Seen with sleek, long hair and more cleavage than we can take in with one glance, the star certainly stepped out to turn heads – we’re just not sure she needed to flash her spanx to do it, or what she stayed hiding under her hands…


4. When Dencia Decided This Was The Place For That Jumpsuit

Like, whoa – there is a lot going on here but yet little to explain how Dencia or her stylist agreed that this red carpet was the time or place for this ensemble.

From head to mismatched toes, there’s so much to take in: a giant, roped plait, a visor and a whole lot of coloured beading hugging the star’s curves, which served to spark memes online like;

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 12.16.40

The sass of the singer though to publicly rock a pair of lips so close to her lady parts is major, and we might have forgiven her outfit had she not also been wearing a pair of black socks underneath her non-coordinating heels. #Details


5. When Chrissy Teigen’s Legs Got Longer

Hitting the red carpet in a multi-hued halter number from Balmain’s Spring/Summer’15 collection, model Chrissy Teigen took her long limbs to deceiving new heights – the vertical stripes on her jumpsuit leaving her legs looking mile high.

The beauty, whose slender look came belted in the middle and full of cleavage, looked a million bucks and we were pretty much left trying to handle our jealousy like;



6. When Whiz Khalifa’s Legs Got Longer, Too

So we’re not quite sure if the intention was to go cropped, but rapper Whiz Khalifa seemed to take a leaf out of Ms Teigen’s book too, with his legs also looking longer than usual – to the extent that he no longer appeared to fit into his pants.

Showing serious amounts of ankle, the star’s look left little to a foot-festisher’s imagination, and us wondering where his tailor was at pre-Billboard Awards…


7. When Olivier Rousteign Made a Statement with Jourdan Dunn and Kendall Jenner

Wearing two of the most stunning accessories on his arms, Balmain’s creative director – the super-chisselled talent, Olivier Roustieng – took the Billboard Awards’ red carpet by storm, simultaneously creating one online too.

Not just ruffling the feathers of his followers via selfies with models Jourdan Dunn and Kendall Jenner, Mr Rousteign also announced his upcoming collaboration with hightstreet brand H&M, revealing news of the venture with the captions to his Insta pics;


Read more on the Balmain x H&M story, here.


8. When Mariah Carey Took Us Back to the ’90s

No one quite leaves their hey-day in the past, and while Ms Carey can consider the entire ’90s as her era, it seemed to return to haunt us via her red carpet look, which consisted of a skimpy LBD and a pair of shades worn at night.

Perhaps she was trying on Rihanna’s iHeartRadio swagger (see that here)? We’re not too sure. But, though Ms Mariah will always be our baby, we might just disown her if she hits up another event with the sass to wear sunnies at night, which may’ve been cool in 1995 but is a definite don’t in 2015.


9. When Tracee Ellis-Ross Put On That Leather Jumpsuit

The level of sass here is just unbelievable. We’re talking a full leather jumpsuit, all night long at the Billboard Awards.

It may not be our favourite ever look on the actress, who is usually super on-point with her fashion, but the fearlessness to put this on, knowing she was going to be seated  and the thing was already tight on the hips when standing?

Just massive respect to her and her thighs. That is all.

zendaya billboard

10. When Zendaya Wore Fashion Vom & We All Ate It Up

This girl not only knows how to dress but she knows what fashion-lovers love – prints, texture and colour – and she wore it all on the eve of the 2015 Billboard Awards.

Zendaya Coleman wore an animal and swirl-printed twinset, comprised of leggings and a longline blazer which were embellished with fringing designed to appear like coral, climbing her body.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 13.09.04

What’s more, the Disney star wore a flash of blue to her feet and her ears with a simple set of earrings and pointed pumps – finishing us off with minimal makeup and a low-slung ponytail. Slay…


But were there more overly-sassed moments at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards? Let us know if we missed any in the comments box below or online @SPICETVAFRICA.

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